24.11.2020 | Press Releases

A new briefing published today by NGOs across Europe underlines the importance of a climate- friendly Common Agriculture Policy to ensure that the agriculture sector contributes to the objectives of the European Green Deal and the EU’s commitments under the Paris Agreement. This document, coming out during the trialogue negotiations between the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council, assesses the weaknesses of the current CAP and explains what needs to happen for the new CAP reform to contribute to the EU’s climate ambition.

19.11.2020 | Press Releases

At a European summit dedicated to enhancing the EU’s response to the COVID outbreak, prime ministers of Poland and Hungary reiterated their opposition to the EU budget and recovery funds on the issue of the rule of law, while a quick endorsement of the financial stimuli is needed to allow all EU countries to both relaunch their economies and finance a just and clean energy transition in line with a higher 2030 emission reduction target, a decision that is due to be made at the December European Council latest.

19.11.2020 | Press Releases

Climate Action Network Europe supports the European Commission’s ambition to boost the share of renewables in our energy consumption, looking at significantly increasing the offshore renewable energy share with its Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy. A substantial increase of offshore wind can be achieved, while preserving our seas and oceans and respecting the marine ecosystem.

16.11.2020 | Press Releases


The European Commission is expected to unveil its Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy this Thursday 19 November, laying down the sector’s specific contribution to reaching EU’s climate and energy targets.

09.11.2020 | Press Releases

The two lead-committees of the European Parliament failed to fully exclude fossil gas from the scope of the 672,5 billion euro Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), contradicting the Parliament’s multiple earlier commitments to end fossil fuel subsidies or the recent call for 60% greenhouse gas emission cuts in the EU by 2030.

09.11.2020 | Press Releases

The outcome of the US elections must serve as a game-changer in US international climate leadership. Unlike his predecessor who chose to ignore the science, the Biden administration has committed to putting his country back on track with the Paris Agreement goals, a great signal for the world.

05.11.2020 | Press Releases


On Monday 9 November, the two lead-committees of the European Parliament on the EU recovery fund are set to decide on the scope of the 672,5 billion euro Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), and whether or not fossil fuels will be eligible. If the Parliament is serious about achieving ambitious emissions reductions in the next decade, all fossil fuels must be excluded from the fund.

28.10.2020 | Press Releases

A leaked European Commission proposal reveals that the EU is not serious about ending the protection of fossil fuels under the controversial Energy Charter Treaty. [1] European Commissioners are expected today to sign off proposals to reform the investment agreement, which is currently being renegotiated to ‘modernise’ it, due to climate concerns. [2]

23.10.2020 | Press Releases

Environment ministers of the European Union met today to discuss their position on the EU Climate Law. Following the recent position of the Parliament which called for an increase of the EU’s 2030 climate target to 60% emission cuts, several ministers advocated for upgrading the proposed goal to 60-65% to stay on track with the Paris Agreement and prevent dangerous climate change.

22.10.2020 | Press Releases


Existing fossil gas supply infrastructure can satisfy EU demand under any scenario, including under a rapid coal phase-out. Making this infrastructure eligible for EU funds would be an ineffective use of taxpayer money and run counter to agreed and proposed climate targets. Additional EU funding would only add to stranded assets. This is particularly pertinent to funds explicitly intended to support a transition to climate neutrality, such as the Just Transition, Regional Development and Recovery funds. Limited public money should be directed to best in class solutions for the climate-neutral transition, including renewables and energy efficiency.

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