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The Environment Council agrees to ratify the Paris Agreement

30.09.2016 | Press Releases

Environment Ministers of all EU member states have today agreed to ratify the Paris Agreement through a process which allows the EU to deposit its instrument before the EU countries approve it separately. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomes this exceptional move and calls upon the EU to show the...

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Online press briefing ahead of the Extraordinary Environment Council 30 September

29.09.2016 | Press Releases

Getting it straight: EU ratification of the Paris Agreement. Today, CAN Europe organised an online press briefing ahead of the Extraordinary Environment Council which takes place 30 September in Brussels.

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Cross-party consensus on the need to boost the EU Emissions Trading System

26.09.2016 | Press Releases

Members of the European Parliament from all major political parties tabled amendments for strengthening the ambition of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme post-2020. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomed this development, but stressed that only the most ambitious amendments are in keeping with Europe’s environmental obligations.

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Juncker investment plan: deep reforms necessary for sustainable future

28.09.2016 | Press Releases

Cash that should be flowing into projects that boost environmental sustainability is instead fuelling outdated carbon-intensive projects like motorways, airports, and fossil-fuel infrastructure, according to a new report on Europe’s investment plan released today [1].

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Report: The best laid plans - Why the Investment Plan for Europe does not drive the sustainable energy transition

28.09.2016 | Reports & Briefs

  The European Fund for Strategic Investments was established in 2015 to power-charge post-crisis Europe and provide a much-needed impulse for de-carbonising its economies. Yet, a the new report by CAN Europe, CEE Bankwatch, WWF, Friends of th Earth Europe shows that during its first year, the fund leveraged EUR 1.5 billion for...

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Briefing: A fresh start for the ETS

26.09.2016 | Reports & Briefs

This paper looks at the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) starting point in 2021 and how it affects the ETS phase 4 emissions budget.

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Briefing: Connecting the dots - The EU's funding for fossil fuels

31.08.2016 | Reports & Briefs

Ahead of the 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou, China 4-5 September CAN Europe published a briefing on the EU's funding for fossil fuels.

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CANEurope #EU Environment Ministers agree to ratify #ParisAgreement. Now make sure this = increased #ClimateAction in Europe
CANEurope RT @WWFEU: Renewables, energy efficiency and #EUETS reform must show more ambition & think long-term. #ParisAgreement

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