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  • Financing for resilient development: how to deal with the rising costs of climate change

    24.07.2015 | Op-eds

    In the aftermath of a disappointing Financing for Development summit in Addis Ababa, this opinion piece from Climate Action Network outlines what needs to be done on climate finance

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  • Serbia’s Contribution To The Paris Climate Agreement

    10.06.2015 | Op-eds

    A year ago devastating floods in Serbia exposed the country’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Until then the imperative to reduce harmful emissions of carbon was absent from the public debate and plans to develop the energy system largely based on coal. Will Serbian officials connect the dots and set ambitious climate goals as part of Serbia’s contribution to the Paris climate agreement expected to be announced this week?

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  • Media advisory on G7 Summit 7-8 June 2015

    04.06.2015 | Press Releases

    Climate and energy issues are on the agenda of the upcoming G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau, Germany. Chancellor Merkel has reserved the Monday morning (8 June from 0900 to 1030) for discussing the topics, as climate change is one of the key agenda items for her G7 Presidency. In particular, Merkel wants the G7 to contribute to the international climate negotiations in the run up to the UN climate summit in Paris, in December 2015.

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  • G7 climate pledges not in line with climate science

    02.06.2015 | Press Releases

    With Japan's cabinet agreeing on its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution today, now all G7 countries have announced their commitments to the Paris climate agreement to be signed at the end of the year. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe's analysis reveals that these commitments will in 2025 deliver only 19% of emission reductions in comparison to 1990. This is well below the 25%-40% reduction range that rich countries needed to commit to for 2020, if the world is to stay

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  • The US unveils its pledge for Paris climate talks

    31.03.2015 | Press Releases

    The US contribution to the Paris climate agreement, filed within the agreed deadline today, should provide impetus for global efforts to tackle climate change, according to Climate Action Network Europe.

    CAN Europe stresses that tackling climate crisis requires more ambition. The new report from the NewClimate Institute shows beyond doubt considerable additional benefits of scaling up climate action.

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  • The EU’s climate pledge for the Paris agreement sets a low standard for other emitters

    06.03.2015 | Press Releases

    Today the EU’s environment ministers signed off the EU’s commitment towards the Paris agreement on climate change. According to Climate Action Network Europe and its over 120 members, the EU’s announcement is a missed opportunity to set a high benchmark for all the pledges to the global deal.

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  • Member States and Commission in conflict over EU’s commitment to the Paris climate deal

    04.03.2015 | Press Releases

    On Friday, 6th March, the EU’s environment ministers will discuss and most likely decide upon the EU's commitment towards the Paris agreement on climate change. On behalf of over 120 members, Climate Action Network Europe highlights the causes of concern regarding attempts to dilute the EU’s pledge.

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  • Commission's Paris proposals useful, but insufficient

    25.02.2015 | Press Releases

    The European Commission’s proposals for the EU’s contribution to the Paris Climate Summit announced today advocate for a strong, legally binding outcome of the international climate negotiations. On behalf of over 120 organizations, Climate Action Network Europe welcomes the push for the legal form, but calls for more clarity on the amount of greenhouse gasses the EU will emit between 2021 and 2030.

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  • Positivity without pace: UN climate meeting finishes in good spirit and with plenty of work to do

    18.02.2015 | Blogs

    The gavel went down two hours earlier than the scheduled finishing time of the first UNFCCC meeting of 2015. It is difficult to tell whether this is good or bad, when we consider just how much work countries will have to do between now and the end of the year.

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  • G20 finance ministers urged to end subsidies for fossil fuels

    09.02.2015 | Press Releases

    39 non-governmental organizations urge the finance ministers attending today's G20 meeting in Istanbul to take immediate steps to eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels, and use these funds for climate action. 

    According to Climate Action Network Europe, one of the signatories of

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  • Lima climate talks postpone crucial decisions

    14.12.2014 | Press Releases

    More action required before the next climate summit in Paris

    At the end of the UN Climate Summit in Lima, Wendel Trio, Director of Climate Action Network Europe1 stated:

    "The limited progress that was achieved in Peru, in particular on the provision of financial support to poor countries to adapt to climate change, or repair the damages from extreme weather events, is a big let down after the positive signs

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  • Last days of COP20 in Lima: what the EU still has to get done

    10.12.2014 | Blogs

    Emissions reduction and climate finance, both before and after 2020 – these two hot topics in the international climate negotiations will absorb the EU high level representatives, who arrived to the negotiating table in Lima, Peru yesterday.

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  • EU wins the second place Fossil of the Day Award at COP20 in Lima

    05.12.2014 | Blogs

    During the UNFCCC Climate Summit in Lima yesterday, the European Union won the shameful second place Fossil of the Day Award. The dubious award was handed down to the EU after it called for a 10 year commitment period in the post-2020 international climate agreement.

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  • Europe can avoid the worst climate impacts if governments act

    07.11.2014 | Blogs

    The latest summary report from the IPCC launched by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon last weekend tells some familiar stories. Dangerous climate change is already happening, here and now, and without action, it will get much worse. But the good news is that we still have time to deal with it before the impacts become catastrophic. 

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  • The Ban Ki-moon climate summit – What did it deliver?

    26.09.2014 | Blogs

    After the largest global people’s climate march in history, it would have been hard for most people to have overlooked the UN climate summit that took place in New York on Tuesday this week. What were the outcomes of this summit and will it be enough to set us on a pathway to avoiding dangerous climate change?

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  • Statement on UNSG's Climate Summit by Climate Action Network and the Global Call for Climate Action

    24.09.2014 | Press Releases


    The UNSG's Climate Summit today contributed to the growing sense that the fossil fuel era is ending and delivered some momentum towards an international climate agreement to be signed in Paris next year, according to civil society groups organized in two major networks.

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  • My Climate Ask - Action at the EU Citizens Summit

    23.09.2014 | Press Releases

    European Citizens summit attendees call upon leaders to increase climate action at New York Climate Summit.

    On the morning of the UN Climate Summit in New York, hundreds of people attending the European Citizens Summit in Brussels sent messages calling for their governments to ramp up action on climate change.

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  • Brussels Calling – European citizens send climate asks to New York summit.

    23.09.2014 | Press Releases

    European Citizens summit attendees call upon leaders to increase climate action at New York Climate Summit.

    On the morning of the UN Climate Summit in New York [1], hundreds of people attending the European Citizens Summit [2] in Brussels have sent messages calling for their governments to ramp up action on climate change.

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  • IPCC: Saving the planet won't cost the world

    13.04.2014 | Blogs

    The take away point at today's IPCC press conference is this: it doesn't cost the world to save the planet. The Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) for the IPCC's fifth assessment report (AR5) for Working Group (WG) III is concerned with mitigation, or how we best address the climate crisis.The report looks in depth at different technologies available, costs and benefits and pathways towards a low-carbon future. The infographic shown here demonstrates how little it would cost to mitigate

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  • UN body lays out stark future under extreme climate change

    31.03.2014 | Press Releases

    Solutions exist but world leaders must act now to avert the worst effects

    EU leaders have been handed a warning by the world's leading climate scientists that our society is vastly underprepared to deal with the risks posed by unavoidable climate change impacts.

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Latest Publications on UN Climate Negotiations

  • Polish, Czech, Estonian and Hungarian governments block EU climate ambition

    EU leaders meeting in Brussels today failed to agree to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 and to commit to revising the EU’s 2030 climate target, due to a veto from the Polish, Czech, Estonian and Hungarian governments.
  • EU on track to reach agreement on net zero emissions by 2050 this week

    Strong support from progressive countries key to a successful outcome Brussels, 17th June 2019, for immediate release Feeling the pressure from the public, and in particular from young people, EU governments are getting closer to reaching an agreement on achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and on raising the EU’s 2030 climate target [1]. With only a few Central European governments still on the fence [2], the decision can be made already at the upcoming EU Heads of State and Government meeting in Brussels on 20-21 June.
  • Letter from UN Secretary General urging EU leaders to ramp up climate action

    In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk leaked by the media last week, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres urged EU leaders to adopt a long-term vision for a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 and commit to increasing the EU's 2030 climate target to 55 percent reductions in emissions.
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