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  • Climate targets in Southeast Europe

    23.05.2016 | Blogs

    All countries of Southeast Europe are parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and have signed up to the Paris Agreement. Becuase they all seek to join the EU well before 2030, their climate pledges should be in line with the EU’s target - currently set to reduce emissions by at least 40% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

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  • SEE 2050 Energy Model: Fairer, cleaner, more efficient energy systems in South East Europe!

    23.05.2016 | Blogs

    CAN Europe supports regional NGOs working on promoting the solutions for South East Europe’s energy future: energy efficiency and 100% sustainable renewables. We are part of South East Europe Sustainable Energy Partnership (SEE SEP), a group of 18 NGOs who developed an energy model for 7 countries of Southeast Euope and the region as a whole.

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  • EU accession negotiations & Coalition 27

    21.05.2016 | Blogs

    In 2003, at the Thessaloniki Summit, the European leaders com­mitted to help the integration of the remain­ing Southeast European states into the EU. The promised EU membership is highly conditional – it is only granted if countries meet all economic and political crite­ria, and align their policies with the EU, including the ones on energy, climate and environment.

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  • The Energy Community

    21.05.2016 | Blogs

    The Energy Community is an intergovernmental organization dealing with energy policy in Southeast Europe and the Black Sea region.

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  • CAN Europe Post-Paris Briefing on South East Europe

    02.05.2016 | Reports & Briefs

    The briefing on South East Europe was developed in spring 2016 to give a brief overview and update on South East Europe and its relevance for EU climate policy after the UNFCCC international climate agreement that was made in Paris in December 2015.

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  • South East Europe

    17.03.2016 | Blogs



    Southeast European countries still rely heavily on coal. Most plants are old and extremely polluting: the

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  • The future of coal is grim, after the Paris Agreement

    09.03.2016 | Op-eds

    The countries from Southeastern Europe have the potential to achieve much more emission reductions compared to what they have put on the table in Paris.

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  • Serbia on the Road to EU Accession: Securing ambition for Chapter 27

    23.01.2016 | Reports & Briefs

    Civil Society Organisation's assessment on the Progress of Serbia of Chapter 27 - Environment and Climate Change, for 2015. The report lays out the main developments in environmental and climate policy in Serbia, analyses challenges and provides recommendations on how to move forward. 

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  • Climate pledges in Southeast Europe: Analysis and Expectations for Paris

    23.11.2015 | Reports & Briefs

    CAN Europe’s analysis of climate pledges in Southeast Europe.

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  • Coal briefing #2: The coal industry in Europe: Heavily dependent on subsidies

    14.11.2015 | Reports & Briefs

    In this briefing, we describe the most important coal subsidy streams in Europe. We also single out the biggest culprits when it comes to state involvement and support, and we explain the (changing) role of the international (financial) institutions in the coal economy.

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  • Will the EU support real climate action in Ukraine?

    12.11.2015 | Press Releases

    Ukraine’s dependence on imported coal has dramatically increased since last year. It results from a steep decline in coal production in the Ukrainian city of Donbass, which followed extensive damage to its mining and transport infrastructure caused by the armed conflict and, eventually, the loss of control over mines to separatists. According to a new

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  • Failure of Energy Community Treaty: if EU can’t make its neighbours clean up, can it be climate leader?

    15.10.2015 | Op-eds

    The Ministerial Council of the Energy Community – a Treaty between the EU, the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine – is expected to decide on far-reaching reforms this week. According to Dragana Mileusnic of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, the Energy Community Treaty has failed to bring progressive climate policies to Southeast Europe. Countries that have signed the Treaty have made practically no effort to live up to its obligations and Brussels has put little pressure on them to do

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  • Coal briefing #1: Expanding the coal fleet to the East – or sinking it?

    14.10.2015 | Reports & Briefs

    This briefing describes the coal threat in in Southeastern Europe but will also explain why the many coal projects are doomed to fail – either in the planning stage or when realised.

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  • Southeast Europe must close the gap on energy efficiency, says new report

    29.09.2015 | Press Releases

    Countries of Southeast Europe (SEE) waste much more energy than the members of the European Union, according to a new report published today by a group of civil society organizations from across the region [1].

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  • Beyond Borders: How Energy Union can turn the tide against coal in the Western Balkans

    27.08.2015 | Reports & Briefs

    This report by CAN Europe the implications of the Energy Union Framework for the Western Balkans and proposes improvements to the existing cooperation tools between the EU and its friends in the immediate neighbourhood. We look at the Energy Community, the EU accession negotiation, the Berlin Process and the COP21.

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  • The European Commission can turn the tide against coal in the Western Balkans

    27.08.2015 | Press Releases

    During today’s Western Balkans Summit taking place in Vienna, representatives of the European Commission, including Maroš Šefčovič, Federica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn will be looking for means to revive the stalled EU accession talks with the countries of the Western Balkans. In a report published today, Climate Action Network Europe argues that they should use the framework of the Energy Union to advance integration in the field of energy and thus bring

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  • Serbia’s climate action plan undermines prospects of its EU accession

    11.06.2015 | Press Releases

    Today Serbia has announced its contribution to the Paris climate agreement. The emission reduction the country is planning to achieve are far below the EU’s target. According to Climate Action Network Europe, this undermines prospects of Serbia’s EU accession.

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  • Serbia’s Contribution To The Paris Climate Agreement

    10.06.2015 | Op-eds

    A year ago devastating floods in Serbia exposed the country’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Until then the imperative to reduce harmful emissions of carbon was absent from the public debate and plans to develop the energy system largely based on coal. Will Serbian officials connect the dots and set ambitious climate goals as part of Serbia’s contribution to the Paris climate agreement expected to be announced this week?

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  • European trends show no future for coal in Southeast Europe

    19.05.2015 | Op-eds

    This Op-Ed was published on on 19.5.2015 (behind paywall)

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  • Coal overshadows EU membership prospects of the Western Balkans

    23.04.2015 | Op-eds

    EU accession for Western Balkans countries must go hand in hand with environmental and climate action.

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