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pdf 30% Press Briefing - May 2010 Popular

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30% Press Briefing - May 2010

pdf Unused recovery funds targeted toward energy savings Popular

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pdf Green groups: unspent money must go to renewables and energy efficiency (12.04.2010) Popular

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pdf CAN Intl. Media Release - briefing on UNFCCC meeting in Bonn (11.04.2010) Popular

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pdf Melting Climate Leadership in Copenhagen: too little, too late from the EU (21 Dec. 2009) Popular

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pdf EU leaders have one last chance to save Copenhagen (16 Dec. 2009) Popular

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pdf CAN-E Press Briefing on Copenhagen (Oct. 2009) Popular

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pdf Checklist for Copenhagen (24 Nov. 2009) Popular

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pdf PR Barcelona (06 Nov. 2009) Popular

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pdf Final AAU Report PR (Oct. 2009) Popular

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document CAN-E media release: Only a few weeks left for EU to up their climate game (Oct. 2009) Popular

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pdf CCPI 2009 report_Press_release (Dec. 2009)

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pdf Joint_PR_The EU risks heading for another climate mistake (Jan. 2009) Popular

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The EU risks heading for another climate mistake, warn NGOs 27 January, 2009

pdf European leadership lacking (25.11.2008) Popular

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default FoE -Press Release: World's first climate law is a victory for people power (Oct. 2008) Popular

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pdf PressRel:Environmental groups denounce EU Parliament attempt to boycott climate targets (Sept. 2008) Popular

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pdf T&E_birdlife_biofuels_targets_final_PR (23/01/08) Popular

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BirdLife / T&E reaction to EU biofuels target

pdf Energypack_Reaction_PR (2008/01/23) Popular

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EU Climate and Energy Package Reaction: Lessons learned but class not dismissed!

pdf WWF_PR_energy_package_reaction "WWF complains at EU performance on climate change" (jan. 2008) Popular

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23 January 2008
WWF complains at EU performance on climate change

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CANEurope RT @HealthandEnv: NEW @HealthandEnv report reveals economic costs of #health impacts from #coal combustion in Turkey up to 3,6B EUR/yr http…


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Our Successes

Our Successes

03-06-2013 Our successes

Our Successes

Find out about some of our key achievements in working to prevent dangerous climate change and promote sustainable climate and energy policy in Europe.  July 2014 Dirty 30 report CAN Europe, along...

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