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pdf Civil Society letter to Commissioner Timmermans - Responding to Business Europe (Dec 2014) Popular

By 6029 downloads

Download (pdf, 642 KB)


pdf Joint Letter: Impact Assessment For The 2030 Climate and Energy Framework Popular

By 16649 downloads

Download (pdf, 229 KB)

20131121 letter Catherine Day on 2030_IA.pdf

pdf Joint NGO letter on TNPs pursuant to the IED 10 October 2013 Popular

By 16237 downloads

Download (pdf, 703 KB)

Joint NGO letter on TNPs pursuant to the IED -- 10 October 2013.pdf

pdf Letter to Minsters ahead of Environment Council concerning Warsaw & COP21 (Sep 2013) Popular

By 17303 downloads

Download (pdf, 127 KB)

CAN Europe letter to Minister Warsaw COP21.pdf

pdf Letter to EU President/ Finance ministers in advance of ECOFIN conclusions (April 4th 2013) Popular

By 219 downloads

Download (pdf)

Letter to the EU Presidency in advance of ECOFIN May 2013.pdf

pdf Civil Society Letter to MEPs about the CAP (28 Feb 2013) Popular

By 22055 downloads

Download (pdf, 5.09 MB)

EP Open letter on CAP with logos_EN.pdf

pdf Letter to President Hollande on the Financial Transaction Tax (10 Dec 2012) Popular

By 916 downloads

Download (pdf)

EU civil society letter - François Hollande - 10122012.pdf

pdf Loss and Damage NGO letter to Ministers at UNFCCC, Doha (3 Dec 2012) Popular

By 20724 downloads

Download (pdf, 4.48 MB)


pdf NGO Letter to Energy Council Ministers (14 Nov 2012) Popular

By 18372 downloads

Download (pdf, 164 KB)

141112_Energy-Council-Letter to Ministers.pdf

pdf NGO Letter to Ministers on MMR (8 Nov 2012) Popular

By 16951 downloads

Download (pdf, 225 KB)


pdf Joint letter to Commission on Internal Energy Markets (7 Nov 2012) Popular

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Download (pdf, 187 KB)

121106 Joint NGOs letter on IEM COM.pdf

pdf Ecofin Letter Climate Finance (22 Oct 2012) Popular

By 7089 downloads

Download (pdf, 98 KB)

ECOFIN letter Oct 2012.pdf

pdf NGO letter on Climate Finance to Cyprus Presidency ( 15 Oct 2012) Popular

By 6267 downloads

Download (pdf, 228 KB)

ECOFIN CY pres- for 13 Nov 2012-FINAL.pdf

pdf CAN Europe Pre-Doha letter to Environment Ministers (11 Oct 2012) Popular

By 6679 downloads

Download (pdf, 159 KB)

CAN Europe Doha letter .pdf

pdf NGO letter to Commissioner Hedegaard on HFCs (3 July 2012) Popular

By 5883 downloads

Download (pdf, 588 KB)


document Letter to Minister Lidegaard concerning climate finance (June 2012) Popular

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Download (doc, 39 KB)

CAN-E ENV ministers 11 June letter on climate finance.doc

pdf G10 Letter to President of the European Council (May 2012) Popular

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Download (pdf, 271 KB)

G10 letter to H Van Rompuy 2050 LCR_14.V.2012.pdf

pdf Open Letter to EU Member States Regarding Offsets in the EU ETS (15 May 2012) Popular

By 6112 downloads

Download (pdf, 2.63 MB)


pdf NGO Letter to European Energy Ministers on Energy Efficiency Directive - April 2012 Popular

By 7057 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.72 MB)


pdf NGO Letter to Commissioner Hedegaard on Maritime Emissions - March 2012 Popular

By 12739 downloads

Download (pdf, 310 KB)

2012 03 23 Final NGO letter to Commissioner Hedegaard..pdf

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CANEurope OECD chief warns: world should not build any new #coal power plants. They will destroy the climate
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CANEurope Six NGOs ask for drastic reform of the #ETS. Instead of putting a price on pollution, it is paying the polluters!


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Our Successes

Our Successes

03-06-2013 Our successes

Our Successes

Find out about some of our key achievements in working to prevent dangerous climate change and promote sustainable climate and energy policy in Europe.  July 2014 Dirty 30 report CAN Europe, along...

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