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MEPs welcome ambitious governance report

21.06.2017 | Press Releases

In reaction to the discussion on the Governance Regulation taking place in the European Parliament’s Industry and Environment Commitees today, Caroline Westblom, EU Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator at CAN Europe said:

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EU commitment to Paris Agreement needs substance

21.06.2017 | Press Releases

EU heads of state and government meeting in Brussels on 22-23 June are expected to express their support to the full implementation of the Paris Agreement. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomes the dedication shown by the EU, but urges leaders to translate their words into action by calling for...

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EU Ministers make little progress on key climate policy

19.06.2017 | Press Releases

In reaction to the discussion on the Effort Sharing Regulation taking place at the Environment Council today, Caroline Westblom, EU Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator at CAN Europe said:

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Parliament fails to align EU climate policy with the bloc’s Paris pledge

14.06.2017 | Press Releases

The European Parliament voted today on the revision of the “Climate Action Regulation implementing the Paris Agreement” (Effort Sharing Regulation, or ESR), which covers emissions from transport, waste, buildings and agriculture for the coming decade. The Parliament failed to translate its recent numerous statements reaffirming the EU’s commitment to the...

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Infographic: No cheating from the start

06.06.2017 | Presentations & Infographics

This infographic shows that a misguided starting point for the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) would increase EU emissions by 500M+ tonnes compared to starting from real emission levels.

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CAN Europe's priorities: An EU budget for a sustainable and clean Energy Union

01.02.2017 | Presentations & Infographics

Here is what CAN Europe argue that the new EU budget 2021-2027 must do and not do to deliver a sustainable and clean Energy Union.

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Report: Lifting Europe's Dark Cloud - How cutting coal saves lifes

11.10.2016 | Reports & Briefs

  Effective emissions limits could save thousands of lives every year, yet more than half of coal power stations in Europe are operating with ‘permission to pollute’ above limits set in EU law. These are the findings of a new report ‘Lifting Europe’s Dark Cloud: How cutting coal saves lives’ published by...

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