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Submission to the Public Consultation on the External Financing Instruments of the European Union

CAN Europe has contributed to the Public Consultation on the External Financing Instruments of the European Union. These instruments range from support to developing countries and LDCs to Neighbourhood countries and thematic instruments on issues like peace and human rights. Submissions to the consultation are being used to gather feedback on the evaluations of each instruments and to gather preliminary ideas on the future external financing instruments after the current ones have expired by 31 December 2020. 

In our submission CAN Europe assesses the effectiveness of the instruments with relevance to climate change. In short, the Development Cooperation Instrument has made a substantial impact on addressing longer term sustainable development needs in the EU’s partner countries. But there is concern that coherence and synergies can be better explored and identified in regard to objectives on the environment and climate action. The European Development Fund is currently inadequate and will need to enhance how it supports country-level actions. The Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance priorities and projects are relevant, however more needs to be done to ensure coherence across different IPA II sectors. The Partnership Instrument for cooperation with third countries has proven useful and has outstanding potential if the 'EU's mutual interests' are defined more broadly. 

CAN Europe also emphasises the importance of the minimum of 20% climate target commitment being fulfilled. All future EU financing instruments, both internal and external, should be crafted with the backdrop of long-term zero-carbon and climate resilient development objectives. 

Find our submission in full below: 

pdf Submission to Public Consultation on External Financing Instruments of the European Union (78 KB)

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