03.12.2014 | Reports & Briefs

Top ten EU Member States have poured at least €78 billion euro into fossil fuel production since 1999, according to new research.

30.11.2014 | Reports & Briefs

EU countries spending billions of public funds on dirty fossil fuels. Top ten EU Member States have poured at least €78 billion euro into fossil fuel production since 1999, according to new research.

21.11.2014 | Reports & Briefs

A number of NGOs prepared this briefing for Members of the European Parliament to flag some of the most pressing issues related to climate and energy in the EU accession countries  of Southeast Europe.

15.09.2014 | Reports & Briefs

Investment support and solidarity mechanisms under the EU's 2030 climate and energy framework

The solidarity and investment mechanisms, operating as part of the EU's 2020 climate and energy package, do not adequately support energy sector decarbonisation in low income Member States, reveals a new analysis developed jointly by CAN Europe, Greenpeace and WWF.

22.07.2014 | Reports & Briefs

This report by CAN Europe, HEAL, WWF, EEB and Klima Allianz Germany exposes the top 30 CO2-polluting power plants in the EU, with Germany and the UK ranking joint first, with nine of the dirtiest coal plants each. If the EU is serious about meeting its climate targets and protecting the health of its citizens, it must act against its coal addiction.

08.07.2014 | Reports & Briefs

CAN Europe, in its latest working document "Towards a functioning low-carbon investment framework in Europe: the need to modernize increasingly prevalent traditional capacity remuneration mechanisms”, has analysed existing and potential CRMs, looking at their potential impacts on the functioning of the energy market and future investments. This briefing aims to briefly present the key conclusions, and to increase the understanding of this complex topic among environmental NGOs.

08.07.2014 | Reports & Briefs

This report aims to enrich the debate by increasing the understanding of this complex topic among Environmental NGOs. The report analyses existing and potential capacity remuneration mechanisms (CRMs), a policy instrument capable of altering the energy market by creating additional revenue streams for capacity. Although some member states in Europe are already using certain forms of capacity mechanisms under what we call a ‘traditional approach’, this report builds the argument that a ‘modern approach’ to CRMs could be proposed.

14.06.2014 | Reports & Briefs

CAN Europe, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth Europe, E3G and WWF jointly published a briefing on the Energy Efficiency Directive Progress Review.

13.05.2014 | Reports & Briefs

The escalating crisis in Ukraine has propelled European energy security to the top of agenda. EU leaders have called a comprehensive plan for reducing energy dependency. CAN Europe calls for Europe’s plan to improve energy security to be backed by three concrete actions:

25.02.2014 | Reports & Briefs

This briefing aims to provide clarity to the ongoing debate on Europe’s industrial competitiveness and the effect of climate polices. There is very little factual evidence substantiating that the risk of carbon leakage is real.

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