27.02.2013 | Reports & Briefs

CAN Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe commissioned a report that looks at the effect of energy efficiency on bringing down energy prices by 2020 and beyond.

31.01.2013 | Reports & Briefs

We welcome the European Commission’s determination to develop a clear and ambitious post 2020 climate and energy package. Only through reaching the upper end of the 80 to 95% emission reduction target by 2050 will the EU have assumed its responsibility to avoid dangerous climate change. 

24.01.2013 | Reports & Briefs

Recalibrating an oversupplied market to spur investments and innovation

This NGO Briefing presents the views of CAN Europe, Greenpeace, Sandbag and WWF on the reform of EU ETS in the  short and medium term.

04.12.2012 | Reports & Briefs

In a new briefing [1], CAN Europe shows how the EU is already on course to reach 25% emissions reductions by 2020, with the final number being closer to 27% if proposed further reductions from various EU initiatives are fully implemented. If the EU would make full use of the opportunities identified by research groups and NGOs, it could reduce domestic emissions beyond 30%.

14.06.2012 | Reports & Briefs

Since the communication from the European Commission (EC) on the Energy Roadmap 2050, in November 2011 , energy ministries in all 27 Member States have been discussing an official European Council position. The following analysis, prepared by CAN-Europe and based on leaked draft Council conclusions, outlines Member States’ positions on different aspects of the Energy Roadmap as well as the benefits of the no-regrets option.

21.05.2012 | Reports & Briefs

CAN Europe, Aprodev, German Watch, CIDSE and Oxfam commissioned the a report in order to identify how the EU can improve the current process for monitoring their climate finance commitments.

15.11.2011 | Reports & Briefs

A report by CE Delft commissioned by CAN Europe on identifying breakthrough technologies for the production of ammonia, olefins and aromatics in the European region.

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