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This study pulls together the many pieces of the enormous puzzle often referred to as externalities of coal exploitation, yet another term blurring our appreciation of the entire toll we all pay for continued reliance on coal - in Mugla and elsewhere.

This study does more than bring home the big picture made up of real and visible costs of coal to our environment. It illuminates the closely intertwined lives of people, communities and social capitals inexorably linked to that environment. By so doing, this study goes a long way towards preventing decision-makers from turning a blind eye to just how many and how much is being threatened by the prospect of extending the lifespans of Mugla’s coal mines.

Download report here  pdf The Real Costs of Coal: Muğla (2.58 MB)

Latest Publications

  • Letter to European Commission on industrial transformation

    CAN Europe calls upon the Commission to build policy frameworks that guarantee economy-wide transformations that meet several environmental objectives.
  • Delays to Balkan energy transition cost more

    ▶️ One Balkan country clocks its first coal-free days,▶️ Another is rushing in the opposite direction, reviving shelved projects for a new coal plant.▶️ 2-speed energy transition in the Western Balkans,▶️ but delaying just transition beyond coal costs more.  Read the latest news and stories from the region's journey beyond coal. Delays to Balkan energy transition cost more Europe Beyond Coal unites civil society groups across our continent in working towards a swift and just transition away from coal-fired electricity and towards sustainable, renewable energy… Go to this presentation here   Read the previous issue: Make-or-Break Time for Balkan Green Agenda 
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