19.03.2019 | Press Releases

Today EU ministers exchanged views on the climate aspects of the next EU budget after 2020 at a General Affairs Council. Most Member States agreed to the proposal of the European Commission that 25% of it will have to serve climate action. Few progressive voices call for a more ambitious spending target as well as for excluding any funding to go to supporting fossil fuels.

18.03.2019 | Press Releases

“We believe it is high time for European leaders to rise up to the challenge of climate action. We need Europe to transition to a sustainable society and economy as soon as possible.”

This is the message from a unique gathering of businesses, investor groups, local and regional authorities, trade unions and civil society groups, standing together as the Coalition for Higher Ambition. It is being sent today in support of last week’s unprecedented mobilisation of citizens across EU member states calling for increased action against climate change.

15.03.2019 | Press Releases

Tempus Energy yesterday took the European Commission to Court for approving the Polish electricity capacity market which favours fossil fuel generation at the expense of clean energy technologies.

14.03.2019 | Press Releases

In today’s vote on its resolution on the EU’s long-term climate strategy, the European Parliament called for achieving net zero emissions as early as possible and by 2050 at the latest and increasing the EU’s 2030 climate target to 55 percent emission cuts compared to 1990 levels.

13.03.2019 | Press Releases

A week ahead of the EU leaders’ discussion on the EU’s long-term climate vision, on Friday, March 15th thousands of schoolchildren around the world will be striking to demand stronger action on climate change from their governments.

05.03.2019 | Press Releases

EU Energy and Environment Ministers meeting in Brussels on 4 and 5 March to discuss the European Commission’s draft long-term strategy "A clean planet for all" added momentum for a climate neutral European economy by 2050.

04.03.2019 | Press Releases

Today members of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Development Committees brought the EU’s future external investments in closer alignment with Paris Agreement goals. They improved on the European Commission’s proposal by agreeing to increase the climate and environment spending target and to exclude fossil fuels from EU funding going to developing countries.

22.02.2019 | Press Releases
Two plaintiffs of the People's Climate Case, Sanna Vannar and Petru Vlad are invited to the European Parliament on 07 March between 09.30 - 11 am  to speak in an event dedicated to their case.

20.02.2019 | Press Releases

In today’s vote on the resolution on the EU’s long-term climate strategy, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee called for increasing the EU’s 2030 climate target to 55 percent emission cuts compared to 1990 levels, and achieving net zero emissions as early as possible and by 2050 at the latest.

19.02.2019 | Press Releases

Sixteen outdated coal power plants in the Western Balkans are a public health and economic liability for the whole of Europe, with people in the EU bearing the majority of the health impacts and costs, according to the new report by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Sandbag, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, CEE Bankwatch Network and Europe Beyond Coal. The European Union (EU) needs to use all of the tools available to improve health, prolong lives, save health costs and increase productivity both in the EU and in the Western Balkan region.

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