13.11.2018 | Press Releases

Today, the Luxembourg NGOs -ASTM, Greenpeace, Mouvement Ecologique and natur&ëmwelt- together with Wemove.eu and Climate Action Network Europe, showed their support to the families and young people who are suing the European institutions for their failure to adequately prevent harmful climate impacts by delivering a petition to the plaintiffs of the People’s Climate Case.

06.11.2018 | Press Releases

Today at an Economic and Financial Affairs Council, EU ministers discussed their commitments to international climate finance ahead of the climate summit in Katowice (COP 24).

05.11.2018 | Press Releases

The European Commission claims that the next EU budget should tackle common challenges, including climate change. But unless the EU climate-proofs the entire EU budget, it will continue to prop up fossil gas and contribute to global warming. The ‘EU Toxic Funding Awards’, launched today, unveil the worst EU funding proposals currently in the pipeline of the future budget negotiations.

02.11.2018 | Press Releases

The real price we all pay for Turkey’s coal is too high, shows CAN Europe’s new study “The Real Costs of Coal: Muğla”. The research is a case study on one of the country’s oldest coal power infrastructures with numerous lignite mines and three coal-fired power plants in Muğla city. The outcomes of the research demonstrate the urgency with which plans for the expansion of coal mines in the region must be abandoned, and the three plants retired instead of getting life extensions.

26.10.2018 | Press Releases

Preliminary estimates published today in the European Environment Agency (EEA)’s annual ‘trends and projections’ assessments show a 0.6% emissions increase in 2017 from 2016. IPCC scientists have made a call for bold and faster climate action to limit global warming to 1.5°C, and the EU must wake up now.

25.10.2018 | Press Releases

In today’s vote on the European Parliament’s position on December’s COP24 climate summit, MEPs called for increasing the EU’s 2030 climate target to a 55 percent emission cuts compared to 1990 levels. This would bring European efforts closer to what is required for keeping temperature rise below 1.5oC, in line with the landmark IPCC report published earlier this month.

18.10.2018 | Press Releases

In response to the landmark IPCC report on global warming of 1.5°C published last week, 28 EU Heads of State and Government have called upon all countries of the world to commit, at the upcoming COP24 climate summit in Poland, to review the levels of ambition of their Paris Agreement pledges by 2020.

The EU now needs to translate this statement into an action plan on how and when its Member States will agree on a new 2030 target, in line with the long-term objectives of the Paris Agreement.

11.10.2018 | Press Releases

Despite their unprofitability and their harmful impacts on our climate, environment and health, coal power plants still receive massive public subsidies. This is why more than 115,000 Europeans have signed the petition “Let’s move beyond coal!” to call on EU leaders to stop pouring taxpayers’ money into coal through so-called capacity mechanisms.

10.10.2018 | Press Releases

Ahead of the General Affairs Council meeting on 16 October, business associations, think tanks and civil society urge EU ministers to align the next future EU budget with the Paris Agreement and the UN development goals.

09.10.2018 | Press Releases

15 EU environment ministers called today for increasing the EU’s climate target to limit warming to 1.5°C. The other ministers did not support such a commitment, turning their backs on the landmark IPCC report published yesterday.

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