14.02.2020 | Press Releases

Yesterday evening the Polish utility companies Energa SA (Energa) and Enea S.A. (Enea) behind the project to build what has been called Poland’s “last (new) coal-fired power plant”, the 1GW Ostroleka C, decided to suspend financing of the project in recognition of changes that have all but evaporated its feasibility through the shedding of coal and coal finance from European Union’s future of climate neutrality and renewable energy (1). 

12.02.2020 | Press Releases

In stark contrast with EU’s climate commitments, the European Parliament greenlighted the fourth list of Projects of Common Interest, which includes 55 fossil gas infrastructure projects. Pipelines in Southeast and Eastern Europe and LNG terminals in Ireland and Croatia will have priority access to environmental impact assessments, permitting procedures and financing.

07.02.2020 | Press Releases

Greta Thunberg and activists from Fridays for Future are joining the climate strike organised by the indigenous Saami youth who are taking the EU to court over its weak 2030 climate target.

23.01.2020 | Press Releases

Eurostat published today the latest trends on renewable energy sources. Despite continued progress in the share of renewables in the EU’s energy consumption, the pace of growth is slowing down. Therefore, EU countries can and must do more to achieve ambitious energy and climate targets for 2030.

22.01.2020 | Press Releases

In a joint statement published yesterday, European affairs ministers of France, Germany, and Poland recalled the EU’s commitment to updating its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) - the bloc’s 2030 climate target - “in good time” before COP26 which is taking place in November this year. 
Now the European Commission needs to accelerate its work to present a proposal as soon as possible and ahead of the June European Council at the latest.

14.01.2020 | Press Releases

Today the European Commission has revealed the first act of the European Green Deal, the Just Transition Mechanism, a funding scheme set to address the investment needs of Europe’s regions in their move to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. 
This should provide new impetus for drastic emissions cuts in the short term.

15.12.2019 | Press Releases

After a year of unprecedented mobilisations calling for urgent climate action, world leaders at COP 25 failed to step up climate action in line with the 1.5°C objective of the Paris Agreement. The lack of ambition at COP25 puts more pressure on the EU to come forward with a substantially higher 2030 climate pledge in early 2020 to convince other big emitters and pave the way for increasing global ambition by next year’s COP26.

13.12.2019 | Press Releases

EU leaders meeting in Brussels yesterday agreed to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050, thereby opening the way to start a discussion on raising the EU’s 2030 climate target as soon as possible. Poland has been given time until June to fully endorse the commitment to implement the agreed EU objective.

12.12.2019 | Press Releases

COP 25 Press Conference can be followed here: https://unfccc-cop25.streamworld.de/webcast/can-europe-climate-litigation-taking-governments-a

In 2019, climate litigation continued to expand across world jurisdictions. Increasing number of citizens and NGOs started to use legal frameworks to hold their governments and fossil fuel companies accountable for failing to address the climate crisis. Besides, courts have taken decisions to recognise that the governments and big emitters are failing to protect human rights due to their climate inaction.

12.12.2019 | Press Releases

Thursday, 12 December 14:00, Press Conference Room MOCHA in Hall 4, IFEMA - Madrid

On Thursday 12 December, plaintiffs and campaigners representing six climate cases across the world will attend the UN climate talks in Madrid to present how climate litigation is enforcing the protection of human rights from the worsening impacts of climate change.

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