08.06.2015 | Press Releases

EU Energy Ministers meeting in Brussels today recognised “indigenous resources” – codename for nuclear, shale gas and coal – as one of the key drivers of European energy security. According to Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, it is high time for the Ministers to take their pick and clearly acknowledge that the EU's energy dependency can only be tackled in a safe and sustainable manner through energy efficiency and renewables.

04.06.2015 | Press Releases

Climate and energy issues are on the agenda of the upcoming G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau, Germany. Chancellor Merkel has reserved the Monday morning (8 June from 0900 to 1030) for discussing the topics, as climate change is one of the key agenda items for her G7 Presidency. In particular, Merkel wants the G7 to contribute to the international climate negotiations in the run up to the UN climate summit in Paris, in December 2015.

04.06.2015 | Press Releases

CAN Europe is asking for more ambition in the fight against climate change and a 100% renewables target by 2050.

02.06.2015 | Press Releases

With Japan's cabinet agreeing on its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution today, now all G7 countries have announced their commitments to the Paris climate agreement to be signed at the end of the year. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe's analysis reveals that these commitments will in 2025 deliver only 19% of emission reductions in comparison to 1990. This is well below the 25%-40% reduction range that rich countries needed to commit to for 2020, if the world is to stay below 2°C increase of temperature and prevent a catastrophic change of the climate.

21.05.2015 | Press Releases

New analysis by the Coalition for Energy Savings (of which CAN Europe is a member) of national reports on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) reveals that central governments have not shown leadership in ending the waste of energy in their own buildings.

19.05.2015 | Press Releases

In contrast, in Europe employment in renewable energy sector has declined

On 19 May, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) released the 2015 edition of its Renewable Energy Jobs Review. The report shows that the number of people employed by the renewable energy industry increased by 18% and more than one million worldwide in the last year, reaching 7.7 million jobs.

In sharp contrast, according to the IRENA report, renewable energy employment in the European Union has declined.

02.04.2015 | Press Releases

Last month the President of Poland signed the new Renewable Energy Act, which will, among others, grant support for renewable power production in microinstallations. Owners of the smallest RES installations up to 10kW will benefit from fixed feed-in tariffs (FiTs).

31.03.2015 | Press Releases

The US contribution to the Paris climate agreement, filed within the agreed deadline today, should provide impetus for global efforts to tackle climate change, according to Climate Action Network Europe.

CAN Europe stresses that tackling climate crisis requires more ambition. The new report from the NewClimate Institute shows beyond doubt considerable additional benefits of scaling up climate action.

19.03.2015 | Press Releases

European leaders adopted today conclusions on the creation of an "Energy Union with a forward-looking climate policy". According to Climate Action Network Europe and its more than 120 members, the agreed conclusions should have provided a much clearer strategy for reducing energy demand and the deployment of renewables, required for the decarbonisation and energy transition of Europe.

16.03.2015 | Press Releases

Coalition of Energy Savings calls on Member States to get serious on implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive

As EU leaders discuss how to move the Energy Union forward, a new study shows that Member States still have a long way to implement existing energy efficiency legislation. According to the analysis by the Coalition for Energy Savings, national action plans towards reaching the minimum level of energy savings required by the Energy Efficiency Directive continue to lack credibility. Since the Coalition released a similar study last year, Member States had opportunities to update their plans but few improvements were made.

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