18.11.2015 | Press Releases

The Energy Union package has not lived up to expectations to accelerate a shift to a fossil fuel free economy in the EU so far, according to Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. While the project remains a puzzle, the EU needs strong and coherent legislative proposals, expected next year, to stay ahead of the game on climate action.

16.11.2015 | Press Releases

G20 leaders failed to show leadership in the ongoing negotiations for a strong climate agreement to be concluded in Paris. The representatives of the richest countries in the world did not make any new commitments to tackle climate finance, phase out fossil fuel subsidies and establish a long term goal for decarbonizing the economy.

12.11.2015 | Press Releases

Ukraine’s dependence on imported coal has dramatically increased since last year. It results from a steep decline in coal production in the Ukrainian city of Donbass, which followed extensive damage to its mining and transport infrastructure caused by the armed conflict and, eventually, the loss of control over mines to separatists. According to a new report issued today by Heinrich Boell Foundation (Kyiv office), this crisis can be turned into an opportunity for shifting the energy system away from coal.

10.11.2015 | Press Releases

The EU position on climate finance for the Paris climate summit was adopted today by the EU Finance Ministers. Unfortunately, it falls short of what is needed to deliver a strong deal in Paris that empowers the world’s poor to cope with the current and future impacts of climate change and to develop in a less polluting way so that their carbon emissions don’t add to the climate change problem.

05.11.2015 | Press Releases

All eyes will be on the EU Finance Ministers meeting in Brussels on November 10th to adopt the EU position on climate finance for the Paris climate summit. According to Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, their commitment to deliver the EU’s fair share of $100 billion of climate finance annually by 2020 and to consistently scale it up after 2020 can be the make or break issue for the Paris climate agreement.

02.11.2015 | Press Releases

One year since the entry into office of the current European Commission headed by Jean-Claude Juncker, environmental groups have criticised the EU executive for a paralysis in policymaking on issues related to the environment.

30.10.2015 | Press Releases

The report assessing countries’ contributions to the Paris climate agreement released today by the UNFCCC sets off alarm bells for all governments to strengthen current, inadequate climate targets before they are put into effect and at latest by 2018.

20.10.2015 | Press Releases

The EEA "Trends and projections in Europe 2015" report, published today, reveals that the EU is overachieving its emission reduction target for 2020 already by 3% in 2014.

16.10.2015 | Press Releases

On Friday 16th October the Ministerial Council meeting in Tirana adopted a Roadmap on the future of the Energy Community.[1]

16.10.2015 | Press Releases

Will the last five days of negotiations before the Paris Climate Summit bring us closer to saving the climate?

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