16.06.2020 | Press Releases

For the first time, EU leaders will discuss the European Commission’s proposals for a revised long-term EU budget, including significant recovery funding to address the economic shortfall caused by COVID-19, at an online European Summit this Friday. By focusing EU recovery spending on the green transition towards climate neutrality, heads of state and government can set the course for future sustainable and resilient economies.

16.06.2020 | Press Releases

At the global level, growth in renewable power has been strong over the past five years, overpassing all the other fuels in growth and competitiveness. Globally, too little is happening in heating, cooling and transport where the barriers are still nearly the same as ten years ago. As for Europe, while the share of renewable energy keeps increasing, investments have fallen yet again by 4% since 2018, according to REN21’s Renewables 2020 Global Status Report (GSR), released today.

15.06.2020 | Press Releases

The Energy Ministers exchanged views on the needed economic transformation towards climate neutrality which is a major opportunity to reduce the use of fossil fuels and promote European leadership in developing and deploying sustainable technologies. The ministers acknowledged during today’s last ministerial meeting under the Croatian Presidency that the energy transition might slow down without adequate support. Further bilateral meetings will take place in the coming days to reach a compromise and adopt official conclusions.

09.06.2020 | Press Releases

More than 20 NGOs including East Mediterranean Platform of Environment Associations, the Chamber of Doctors in Adana, Chamber of Agricultural Engineers in Adana, 350.org, Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe), Ekosfer, Greenpeace Mediterranean, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), and Yuva Association called Chinese banks to withdraw their financial support to the Hunutlu coal-fired power plant that is being constructed in the Yumurtalik District of Adana, Turkey.

02.06.2020 | Press Releases

A new report published today by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and ZERO looks into the final National energy and Climate Plans of 15 Member States and indicates that a number of countries made some improvements in their final NECPs, both in terms of targets and of policies and measures. However, these improvements are not enough to catalyse the energy transition required to achieve the long term objective of the Paris Agreement.

27.05.2020 | Press Releases

The European Commission has revealed its long-awaited proposal to relaunch the European economy hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite repeated commitments by the European Commission to make the European Green Deal the blueprint of the recovery, the proposal still allows for money to be spent on supporting fossil fuels and is lifting climate spending targets in regional development funding, while the climate emergency would need a rapid phase-out of these polluting fuels and strong climate earmarking.

25.05.2020 | Press Releases


This week the Commission is expected to reveal an ‘EU recovery package’ worth hundreds of billion euros, including a revamped EU budget proposal and additional funds to relaunch the economy. This a unique opportunity to invest in more resilient and sustainable economies in line with the European Green Deal and the transition towards climate neutrality.

20.05.2020 | Press Releases

The European Commission has published its biodiversity and “Farm to fork” strategies, two important pillars of its European Green Deal. Together with enhanced climate action, biodiversity restoration and the promotion of sustainable farming practices are key to reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement and building more resilient and sustainable economies in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

20.05.2020 | Press Releases

Poland's largest oil refiner, PKN Orlen, declared its preliminary readiness for direct financial involvement in the construction of the 1GW Ostroleka-C coal power project only if it is converted into a gas unit(1). The announcement by PKN Orlen, which only last month acquired EnergaSa - one of the companies behind the Ostroleka C projecr(2), means that Poland's troubled new coal project will not come to life. However, smart money is on renewables, not fossil gas.

15.05.2020 | Press Releases

The European Parliament adopted a resolution urging the Commission to make its upcoming COVID-19 economic recovery proposal fit for the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement goals. This echoes the Commission chief’s recent address to MEPs that the crisis exit should not return to yesterday’s economy, but invest in a clean, modern, and healthy economy.

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