07.10.2020 | Press Releases

The European Parliament today adopted its position on the EU 2030 climate target, calling for an increase to at least 60% emission cuts, excluding removals, a major step forward for EU’s climate ambition and its international leadership in the fight against climate change.

05.10.2020 | Press Releases

Today over 180 civil society actors, businesses, youth organisations and, local and regional initiatives from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) call on their governments to catch the wave of the European Green Deal, ahead of the European Council next week where EU governments will discuss the new EU 2030 climate target.

01.10.2020 | Press Releases

Ahead of the European Parliament’s vote, next Tuesday (06 October) on the European Climate Law, political groups started to table their amendments in order to integrate them into the final Law. According to the leaked documents, the EPP (European People’s Party) is planning to seriously undermine the EU’s climate ambition in its amendments.

30.09.2020 | Press Releases

Eight countries(1) located around the Baltic Sea signed today, together with the European Commission, the Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Joint Declaration of Intent. This looks into intensifying the cooperation in offshore wind development as “cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable deployment of offshore wind, through voluntary cooperation will be crucial to ensure a clean, secure and affordable energy supply” for the involved countries.

18.09.2020 | Press Releases

A report commissioned by the French government on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement, to be presented to French Prime Minister today shows that solely the expansion of beef production in the Mercosur region as a result of the deal would accelerate deforestation by at least 25% annually and destroy 36,000 km2 of forest per year, which equals nearly the size of the Netherlands [1].

17.09.2020 | Press Releases

The members of the European Parliament (EP) have voted for maximising the energy efficiency potential of the EU building stock[1], calling on the European Commission to develop consistent measures to stimulate a faster and deeper renovation of buildings.

Buildings consume 40 percent of all energy in the EU and emit 36 percent of the region’s CO₂, being the largest single energy consumer[2] and having significant potential in reducing energy demand[3].

17.09.2020 | Press Releases

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, proposed the new target in her state of the (European) Union address at the European Parliament yesterday. She said “the Western Balkans are the European Union” and called the region “a part of Europe, and not a stopover on the Silk Road”.

16.09.2020 | Press Releases

In her first State of the Union, European Commission president Von der Leyen tabled a proposal for at least 55% emission cuts for the EU by 2030, up from the previous 40% target. This substantial increase in emission reductions in the short term is a welcome step provided the urgent response needed to avert dangerous climate change. However, the new target must be considered as a baseline since science requires more emission cuts, and it needs improvement to focus on real reductions.

16.09.2020 | Press Releases

The European Parliament has adopted its position on the Just Transition Fund (JTF), and has allowed for fossil gas subsidies to be included while the goal of the fund is to support fossil-fuel reliant regions in their swift transition to climate neutrality, away from fossil fuels. This vote clearly contradicts last week Parliament’s call for much-needed 60% greenhouse gas emission cuts in the EU by 2030, and multiple earlier commitments to end fossil fuel subsidies.

15.09.2020 | Press Releases

The European Commission will likely launch on Thursday 17 September a proposal to increase the EU's 2030 climate target to -55% emission reductions and removals of greenhouse gases, as compared to 1990 levels. This is a substantial increase from the current at least -40% target, though the two cannot be fully compared as the Commission in its proposal is expected to change the sectors covered by this target.

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