03.11.2016 | Press Releases

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report 2016 published today is yet another proof that ambitious objectives of the Paris Agreement require stronger short term action already before 2020 and deeper emission cuts in the period until 2030.

02.11.2016 | Press Releases

Since the Paris Agreement was struck at the global climate Summit in Paris (21st Conference of the Parties to the Un Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP21) last year, countries have come together at an unprecedented rate to ensure its early into force. To make sure discussions about the implementation of the Paris Agreement as well as action before 2020 can move swiftly forward at COP22, starting 7 November in Marrakech, CAN Europe calls upon the EU to bring a concrete plan for how it will ensure increased climate ambition.

17.10.2016 | Press Releases
Developed countries today published a roadmap which shows how the collective goal of providing $100 billion per year by 2020 to support developing countries tackle climate change will be met. 

13.10.2016 | Press Releases

The European Parliament’s Industry Committee (ITRE) voted today on a new Directive to redesign the EU Emissions Trading Scheme for the coming decade. However, according to CAN Europe the lacklustre compromises reached between the major political groups have done little to repair the broken scheme or align Europe’s emissions trajectory with the global temperature goals it committed to under the Paris Agreement.

11.10.2016 | Press Releases

Effective emissions limits could save thousands of lives every year, yet more than half of coal power stations in Europe are operating with ‘permission to pollute’ above limits set in EU law. These are the findings of a new report ‘Lifting Europe’s Dark Cloud: How cutting coal saves lives’ published today by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, WWF and Sandbag.

11.10.2016 | Press Releases

Finance ministers met today in Luxembourg to discuss climate finance, just one month ahead of the next international climate summit COP22 in Marrakech. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomes the re-iteration by finance ministers to continue to provide public finance to tackle both the causes and impacts of climate change. But despite the rehashed pledge, EU Member States must provide much more clarity on how support for international climate action will be scaled up.

09.10.2016 | Press Releases

New infographic published by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe today shows the huge discrepancy between what companies have to pay for carbon pollution under the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) and how much it costs EU citizens.

06.10.2016 | Press Releases
  • Lawmakers inch towards fixing the broken carbon market
  • The bulk of the work left to the environment committee

Members of the European Parliament’s industry committee (ITRE) today put forward compromise amendments concerning new legislation for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The draft compromise will be subject to the committee’s vote on 13 October.

05.10.2016 | Press Releases

The EU’s decision to fast-track the ratification of the Paris Agreement without all Members States having formally joined has helped ensure its early entry into force. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcome this historic achievement by the global community, and urges EU leaders to immediately turn their attention to the necessary steps that now need to be taken to live up to the objectives of the agreement.

30.09.2016 | Press Releases

Environment Ministers of all EU member states have today agreed to ratify the Paris Agreement through a process which allows the EU to deposit its instrument before the EU countries approve it separately. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomes this exceptional move and calls upon the EU to show the same commitment to increase its climate action in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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