23.11.2016 | Press Releases


SDG Watch Europe, a civil society alliance of more than 90 EU NGOs established to ensure the full implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the EU and its Member States, has criticised today’s publication of the EC Commission’s Communication entitled “Next steps for a sustainable European future - European action for sustainability.”

18.11.2016 | Press Releases

At the climate conference in Marrakech which is coming to an end, all countries have reaffirmed their collective commitment to implement all elements of the Paris Agreement. While concrete outcomes of the talks remain modest, some key elements of the implementation of the Paris Agreement moved forward, including that the so called “Paris Rulebook” will be complete in 2018.

15.11.2016 | Press Releases

Press Release Germanwatch and Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe

Global energy transition has started

Emerging economies catch up / European countries lose speed / Japan, Australia and Canada worst performers of all industrialized countries

[Marrakech 16 November 2016] With the historic Paris Agreement having recently entered into force, this year’s Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2017 confirms a boost for renewable energy and positive developments in energy efficiency. While these encouraging trends are happening on a global scale, the necessary energy revolution is still happening too slowly.

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15.11.2016 | Press Releases

[Marrakech 15 November 2016] The European Commission received the “Fossil of the Day Award” from Climate Action Network at the UN Climate Summit in Marrakech today. The Commission was given the award for the inconsistency between its rhetoric at the international climate negotiations and failure to walk the talk at home while preparing the future EU energy legislation.

09.11.2016 | Press Releases

The result of the US elections has just been announced.
In reaction, Ulriikka Aarnio, International Climate Policy Coordinator at Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe said:

08.11.2016 | Press Releases

Belgrade, Brussels, Podgorica, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana, Zagreb, 8 November 2016 – Coal continues to dominate the energy systems of the Western Balkan countries aspiring to become EU members, while the uptake of renewable energy has been extremely slow. These are the main conclusions of a new scorecard report launched today by a group of NGOs (1), ahead of the publication of the European Commission’s annual enlargement reports scheduled for tomorrow. 

03.11.2016 | Press Releases

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report 2016 published today is yet another proof that ambitious objectives of the Paris Agreement require stronger short term action already before 2020 and deeper emission cuts in the period until 2030.

02.11.2016 | Press Releases

Since the Paris Agreement was struck at the global climate Summit in Paris (21st Conference of the Parties to the Un Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP21) last year, countries have come together at an unprecedented rate to ensure its early into force. To make sure discussions about the implementation of the Paris Agreement as well as action before 2020 can move swiftly forward at COP22, starting 7 November in Marrakech, CAN Europe calls upon the EU to bring a concrete plan for how it will ensure increased climate ambition.

17.10.2016 | Press Releases
Developed countries today published a roadmap which shows how the collective goal of providing $100 billion per year by 2020 to support developing countries tackle climate change will be met. 

13.10.2016 | Press Releases

The European Parliament’s Industry Committee (ITRE) voted today on a new Directive to redesign the EU Emissions Trading Scheme for the coming decade. However, according to CAN Europe the lacklustre compromises reached between the major political groups have done little to repair the broken scheme or align Europe’s emissions trajectory with the global temperature goals it committed to under the Paris Agreement.

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