06.06.2017 | Presentations & Infographics

This infographic shows that a misguided starting point for the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) would increase EU emissions by 500M+ tonnes compared to starting from real emission levels.

18.05.2017 | Presentations & Infographics

The infographic shows the multiple benefits of raising the EU 2030 renewable energy target from a mere 27% to at least 45%.

01.02.2017 | Presentations & Infographics

Here is what CAN Europe argue that the new EU budget 2021-2027 must do and not do to deliver a sustainable and clean Energy Union.

19.10.2016 | Presentations & Infographics

This set of infographics were developed together with the release of the report Co-benefits of Climate Action - Assessing Turkey's Climate Pledge.

19.10.2016 | Presentations & Infographics

These infographics show an assessment of Turkey's climate commitments and the benefits of stronger climate action (in Turkish).

08.10.2016 | Presentations & Infographics

The infographic shows the huge discrepancy between what companies have to pay for their climate pollution and how much it costs citizens.

01.09.2016 | Presentations & Infographics


On this page you can find visual material produced by CAN Europe on the topic of fossil fuel subsidies phase out and shifting financial flows. 

13.07.2016 | Presentations & Infographics

The following visuals were developed for our Climate Finance & Fossil Fuel Subsidies campaigns

22.06.2016 | Presentations & Infographics

The infographic was developed by WWF ahead of the Council meeting in June 2016 to highlight the five most urgent fixes that the ETS needs.

28.05.2016 | Presentations & Infographics

This ppt from the CAN Europe Assembly in April 2016 stresses the importance of strong national targets that are agreed well in advance of the first Paris review in 2018

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