01.03.2016 | Letters to Policy Makers

The following letter was sent to EU Heads of State and Government, Climate and Environment Ministers, the European Commission and the European Parliament Statement from the Coalition for Higher Ambition.

05.11.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

In advance of the ECOFIN Council, Climate Action Network Europe called on the Finance Ministers to guarantee a robust
climate finance package as part of a fair and transformational agreement to be adopted at COP21 in Paris.

10.10.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

CAN Europe sent the following letter to Environment Ministers

17.09.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

Ahead of the UN Summit in New York 25-27 of September 2015, European Civil Society Organisations working on both international and domestic EU policies across a variety of sectors ranging from Youth, Sustainability, Social Justice, Fair Trade, International cooperation, Health, Culture, Environment, Gender Equality, Migration, Climate Change, Local Democracy, Human Rights and Media Development, wrote to the Vice-President of the European Commission to call for the EU to match the ambition of Agenda 2030 with a clear EU implementation strategy, which reflects the integrated, interlinked and comprehensive nature of the Agenda, in order to ensure well-being for all within planetary boundaries.

16.07.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

CAN Europe sent a first letter to members of the Environmental (ENVI) and Industry (ITRE) committees of the European Parliament to start our lobbying efforts on the ETS post 2020 reform: 

01.07.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

CAN Europe sent the following letter to Preditend Juncker and the College of Commissioners

24.03.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

CAN Europe sent this letter that went to the Environment Ministers on the market Stability Reserve

17.02.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

Inclusion of LULUCF in the EU 2030 climate target undermines its environmental integrity.

10.12.2014 | Letters to Policy Makers

WWF, CAN Europe, Greenpeace, Carbon Market Watch and Sandbag filed a request for an internal review with the European Commission, contesting the legality of its recent decision to continue granting free carbon emission allowances to industries under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

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