26.09.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

Dear Minister,
We are disappointed that the European Union knowingly missed the opportunity to boost global climate ambition by deciding not to announce an increase of the EU’s 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York.

15.07.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers
Dear Member of the European Parliament, 
Congratulations on your successful election.
You will have your first opportunity to vote to defend climate tomorrow Tuesday, when the Parliament is expected to vote on the election of the President of the Commission.

04.07.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

Dear Minister,

On 11 July, you will be meeting in Helsinki to discuss EU climate ambition ahead of the United Nations Secretary General Climate Action Summit in September. This is a unique opportunity for the EU to announce its determination to step up its commitments under the Paris Agreement and resume its position as a global climate leader, by announcing the EU is ready to enhance its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). Climate Action Network Europe is calling on the EU to increase its 2030 domestic greenhouse emission reduction target to at least 65% compared to 1990 emissions.

17.06.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk leaked by the media last week, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres urged EU leaders to adopt a long-term vision for a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 and commit to increasing the EU's 2030 climate target to 55 percent reductions in emissions.

13.05.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

Ahead of Foreign Affairs Council on 16 May, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Oxfam EU, ACT Alliance EU, Conservation International and Wetlands International write to EU ministers to highlight how the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) can support developing countries to scale up climate and environmental action and support biodiversity, fostering sustainable development.

23.04.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe supports a climate case initiated by 10 families from Europe and outside together with the Saami Youth Association from Sweden. The plaintiffs claim that the EU's 2030 target is not ambitious enough to protect their lives, livelihoods and fundamental rights from the worsening impacts of climate change. 

The letter below is written by these families and the Saami youth asking you to put climate change in the heart of Future of Europe debate. 

25.03.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

“To make decarbonisation a reality, voting down the eligibility of fossil fuels, including gas, is key.” This is the message sent today by businesses, local authorities and NGOs to the members of the European Parliament as they will decide this week if they will turn back the clock by allowing funding for fossil fuels in Europe’s regions from 2021 to 2027, or if they will choose a path of sustainable development for Europe’s regions, bringing them new jobs, competitiveness and modernisation.

15.03.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

A unique gathering of businesses, investor groups, local and regional authorities, trade unions and civil society groups, standing together as the Coalition for Higher Ambition, calls upon EU leaders to ramp up the EU's climate action.

28.02.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

February 2019


Clean Planet for all: Strategic long-term vision for a climate neutral economy


Dear Energy and Environment Ministers,

On 4 March and 5 March respectively you will meet in Brussels to discuss the European Commission’s proposed long term strategy vision for a climate neutral economy – A Clean Planet for all.

18.02.2019 | Letters to Policy Makers

In this letter, NGOs Climate Action Network Europe, Carbon Market Watch, E3G - Third Generation Environmentalism, European Environmental Bureau, Sandbag and WWF European Policy Office call upon EU Economy and Industry Ministers to:

  1. Endorse the European Commission’s strategic long-term vision for a climate neutral economy and support an EU long-term climate target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2040;
  2. Call upon the European Commission to present a new and integrated EU industrial climate strategy for energy-intensive industries in support of a competitive, circular and net-zero emission heavy industry transition; 
  3. Recognise the immediate need to provide a policy framework which supports and incentivises the full decarbonisation and transformation of resource and energy-intensive industry sectors before 2050.

pdf NGO letter on the long term climate strategy ahead of the Competitiveness Council (204 KB)

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