02.07.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

62 NGOs, including WWF and CAN Europe, have sent a letter to MEPs of the REGI committee calling for the exclusion of fossil fuels from the Just Transition Fund, ahead of a vote on 6 July.

18.06.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

CAN Europe calls upon the Commission to build policy frameworks that guarantee economy-wide transformations that meet several environmental objectives.

10.06.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

This letter co-signed by 8 NGO networks was sent to Heads of States ahead of the European Council on 19 June, with recommendations on Heading VI (Neighbourhood and the World) of the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the external aspects of the Next Generation EU 2021-2024.

29.04.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

Energy infrastructure is a key component in Europe’s fight against climate change. Investments must exclude any continued or new support for infrastructure based on fossil fuels or incompatible with nature protection.

23.04.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

We call upon EU and national leaders to tackle the unprecedented crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic with unity, courage and innovation.

14.04.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

At the initiative of Pascal Canfin, Chair of the Environment committee of the European Parliament, the 'European alliance for a green recovery' was launched on 14 April. This alliance, which CAN Europe is part of, brings together 80 ministers, MEPs, CEOs, NGOs & Trade Unions. 

27.03.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across Europe, citizens worry about their health and that of their loved ones, and also about the impacts on their jobs and livelihoods. During this time of crisis, which is putting many people's livelihoods at risk, it is essential that our leaders issue a strong response, helping to alleviate the uncertainty, especially for the most vulnerable. This response must address the immediate health, social and economic urgency, in a way that improves the resilience of our economy towards crisis and well-being of people and nature.

10.02.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

While Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) welcome the progress of the ENTSOs in view of stakeholder engagement and their willingness to include a carbon budget into their modelling, we are very concerned about the current set of scenarios.

Download this file (EEB_CAN-E joint letter on TYNDP.pdf)EEB_CAN-E joint letter on TYNDP.pdf[ ]127 kB

27.01.2020 | Letters to Policy Makers

Today, CAN Europe, CEE Bankwatch and WWF networks are publishing a letter co-signed by national NGOs, cities, regions and business associations calling for the EU institutions to ensure that cohesion policy excludes fossil fuel subsidies in order to support a sustainable and just transition to climate neutrality. 

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    Are EU member-states in Southeast Europe ready for timely and just transition beyond coal? For the Western Balkans, membership hopefuls, the question is how much longer can public subsidies and Chinese loans keep coal zombie alive at growing cost to health, livelihoods, and the environment?
  • Submission - Feedback on ENTSOS' Proposals for TYNDP 2022 Storylines

    Future energy infrastructure planning in Europe needs to be fully aligned with the Paris Agreement. CAN Europe recommends to increase variation of TYNDP 2022 storylines by assessing higher ambition of greenhouse gas emission reductions. In order to reach the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement, a trajectory towards net-zero emissions in 2040 should be assessed. Instead of primarily opposing “decentralised” and “global” solutions in the TYNDP 2022 storylines, at least one scenario should analyse how to prepare European energy infrastructure for a 100% renewable energy system in the most efficient way, combining the best out of both “decentralised” and “global” futures.
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