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Subsidising fossil fuels stands in the way of climate action across Europe while threatening our health, environment and economies.
Expose the financial support for dirty energy in your country by voting for the worst fossil fuel subsidies during the first ever European Fossil Fuel Subsidies Awards!

By voting for the worst subsidies, you contribute to exposing the hypocrisy of European governments and other public institutions’ promises to tackle climate change while at the same time funding fossil fuels.




CAN Europe Fossil Fuel Subsidies Money


European countries have all agreed to scale up their efforts to tackle climate change. Still, governments and other public institutions all over Europe are spending billions of euro on funding what is causing climate change: the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. By providing subsidies - (your!) tax money - to fossil fuels, governments end up taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to climate action.

Fossil Fuel subsidies make no sense

Subsidising fossil fuels makes no sense. It stands in the way of increasing support for climate action across Europe, causes enormous harm to the environment and contributes to disease and premature deaths. It also drains public money away from important public services such as clean energy, education and health care. Still, governments and other public institutions are stubbornly doling out these subsidies to dirty industry, refusing to put an end to them.

All their efforts to provide the dirtiest, deadliest and most hypocritical support to fossil fuels deserve some well earned public recognition so that we can increase the pressure to phase them out.

CAN Europe Fossil Fuel Subsidies Money
14.10.2016 | Event & Actions

Here is a list of the activities which CAN Europe is hosting and co-organising with other organisations during COP22 in Marrakech. The information in the list will be updated when details are being confirmed.

04.08.2016 | Event & Actions

Sustainability and the Power Grid 

Brussels, 29 September 2016 

At this year’s 6th European Grid Conference on 29 September in Brussels, the Renewables Grid Initiative will look at three different dimensions of the power grid: society, economy and the environment.

03.12.2015 | Event & Actions

Side-event co-sponsered by CAN Europe and the Global Subsidy Initiative

Thursday December 10th, 12:30-14.00, European Pavilion, room 'Luxembourg'   

02.12.2015 | Event & Actions

Side Event at COP 21 UNFCCC, Paris

The phase out of fossil fuel subsidies and a Paris Climate Deal

18.09.2015 | Event & Actions

Today, outside the meeting of Europe’s Environment Ministers discussing the EU’s negotiating position for global climate talks in Paris in December, climate groups staged a symbolic ‘tug-of-war’ between polluting fossil fuels and renewable energy. They called for EU governments to join the side of citizens and build a 100% renewable future.

29.10.2013 | Event & Actions

Climate Action Network Europe, GLOBE EU and the Climate Parliament invite you to attend a half-day conference at the European Parliament on climate impacts in Europe.

16.10.2013 | Event & Actions

CAN Europe, EREC and the Coalition for Energy Savings jointly prepared this half-day event to discuss several questions arising in this context:

09.04.2013 | Event & Actions

CAN Europe and WWF staged a live carbon auction in front of the European Parliament with outlandish bidders and a giant black balloon representing one tonne of CO2 emissions. An auctioneer started the bidding at 30€/tonne; but did industry bid for the climate or for cheap pollution?

26.03.2010 | Event & Actions

Recently Robin Hood and his Merry Band left the forests of Sherwood to descend upon Brussels to send a message to European leaders as they gathered to discuss jobs, growth and climate change at the Spring Summit.

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