31.10.2012 | CAN Europe Positions

The European Union, its economy and the international community need binding, coherent and more ambitious 2020 and post-2020 EU climate and energy targets.

28.07.2012 | CAN Europe Positions

CAN Europe recommends using half of the auctioning revenues for international climate finance, and the other half for domestic climate finance.

16.02.2010 | CAN Europe Positions

European NGOs have always endorsed an emission trading system based on 100% auctioning of allowances as the best way to generate a visible carbon price through the production and consumption chain.

10.02.2010 | CAN Europe Positions

CAN Europe Position paper on Benchmarking and allocation rules in phase III of the EU Emissions Trading System

03.04.2009 | CAN Europe Positions

CAN Europe's position on carbon capture and storage.

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