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The proposed Regulation is unambitious and must be strengthened in several ways to ensure that the LULUCF sectors sufficiently contribute to achieving the European Union’s international commitments under the Paris Agreement.

In July 2016, the European Commission published their proposal for a Regulation for the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sectors which sets out the accounting rules and the targets that determine how Member States must act between 2021 and 2030 (see here).

Europe must shift towards more sustainable forestry and land management since restoring forests is the most feasible option to achieve negative emissions at scale. LULUCF is therefore a crucial pillar of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy framework, alongside the Emissions Trading System and the Effort Sharing Regulation. To improve the LULUCF proposal, we make the following recommendations:

  1. Raising ambition: Increasing the LULUCF sink            
  2. Simple accounting rules to encourage sustainable forestry and good land management  
  3. Mandatory accounting for ‘managed wetland’         
  4. Ensure respect for EU Nature legislation      
  5. No offsetting from the forestry sector          
  6. Full accounting for emissions from bioenergy           

Please find the details in the attached position, available in English and French.

pdf CAN Europe LULUCF Position Dec 2016 (414 KB)  

pdf CAN Europe position sur le règlement LULUCF Dec 2016 (1.46 MB)

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