18.02.2020 | CAN Europe Positions

This set of recommendations, undersigned by 14 climate, environment and development NGOs, responds to the European Commission’s Communication (11 December 2019) and sets out guiding principles and policy recommendations for Commissioner Urpilainen, to ensure the European Green Deal delivers for people in the EU’s partner countries, the climate and biodiversity.

29.01.2020 | CAN Europe Positions

We need a rapid and far-reaching transition of our energy system if we want to remain compatible with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit temperature rise to 1,5°C.

20.12.2019 | CAN Europe Positions

A just transition means delivering the socio-economic transformation required to address climate change, whilst reducing inequalities in the most affected regions and ensuring the costs and benefits of the transition are spread fairly.

09.12.2019 | CAN Europe Positions

The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is an investment treaty from the 1990s. It contains an arbitration mechanism known as Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement (ISDS) that allows a private investor to sue a state for any behaviour that harms their economic interest, including legislating in the public interest. Arbitration panels can award millions, sometimes billions of Euro in compensation. The ECT is the most frequently invoked International Investment Agreement with 128 publically known cases. The actual number is likely to be higher because there is no obligation to make cases public.

13.09.2019 | CAN Europe Positions

Faced with the existential threat of devastating climate change impacts, CAN Europe expects the EU, its institutions and all Member States, to prioritise urgent action addressing the climate emergency with the aim of implementing the Paris Agreement's ambition to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C.

04.10.2018 | CAN Europe Positions

CAN Europe members agreed by consensus to regard the Paris Agreement's goal to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C as the only acceptable goal for all policy making and planning aimed at averting dangerous climate change.

10.07.2018 | CAN Europe Positions

The EU’s current Adaptation Strategy was launched in 2013 with the intention to scale up the European Union’s resilience to the growing impacts of climate change that it is facing.

29.09.2017 | CAN Europe Positions

The forthcoming EU budget post-2020 must serve higher climate ambition both in Europe and worldwide, catalyzing the zero-carbon transition of our societies, including the phasing out of fossil fuels towards 100% renewables and fully energy efficient economies.

09.06.2017 | CAN Europe Positions

Working with a coalition of seventeen organisations CAN Europe has set out a number of recommendations on the role of the next EU Framework for Research and Innovation.

29.05.2017 | CAN Europe Positions

Along with a coalition of CSOs CAN Europe has set out recommendations to ensure that lessons are learnt from other investment initiatives at the multilateral and European level; both the positive examples of careful, evidence-led work and negative, long-term damaging examples of hastily established funds. 

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