2015 Europe China Exchange Program Reports

Each exchange results in a report written jointly by the European and the Chinese exchange participants. See below the list of reports from the 2015 exchange.

Lin Jiaqiao from Rock Environment and Energy Institute (Beijing) & Sanjeev Kumar Change Partnership (Belgium) 
REEI and Change Partnership collaborated on outlining the impact of climate and energy measures on industrial policy in China and Europe, and in particular, how cities and regions manage the transition to low-carbon models. Twinning Report REEI & Change Partnership (English and Chinese) (755 KB)

Thorben Jensen from Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy(Germany) & Dai Chunyan The Innovative Green Development Program (iGDP) (Beijing)
iGDP and Wuppertal Institute focused on the design of policies towards low-carbon development, the energy efficiency in the built environment and utilization of renewable energy, and the policies that support achieving these aims as well as their design through use of quantitative modeling. Twinning Report iGDP & Wuppertal Institute (English and Chinese) (656 KB)

Zheng Xiaowen from China Youth Climate Acton Network (Beijing) & Rebecca Freitag from BUND jugend Berlin (Germany).
China Youth Climate Action Network and BUNDjugend Berlin shared methods and tools about youth development and participation on climate change issues. The goal was to motivate young people to live a more sustainable life and spread the message of climate change. Twinnng Report BUNDjugend & CYCAN (10.39 MB)

Wang Lin from Hangzhou Eco-Culture Association and Katiuscia Eroe from Legambiente Direzione Nazionale (Italy)
Hangzhou Eco-Culture Association and Legambiente Direzione Nazionale shared knowledge and experiences on climate change, forming national and international strategies that aim at reducing greenhouse gas emission after 2030. By brainstorming on topics such as energy innovation, development of renewable sources, recycling and waste management and other contemporary environmental issues, the associations enhanced their practical experience and expertise on environmental protection. Twinning Report Legambiente & Green Zhejiang (473 KB

Kjell Kühne from the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation & Zhang Di from Beijing
EnviroFriends and Plant-for-the-Planet focused on climate change education. They aimed at empowering primary and second school students to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. As such, the students were motivated to exercise one action for climate justice every month – e.g. planting a tree. Twinning Report EnviroFriends and Plant-for-the-Planet (877 KB)

Latest Publications

  • Letter from UN Secretary General urging EU leaders to ramp up climate action

    In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk leaked by the media last week, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres urged EU leaders to adopt a long-term vision for a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 and commit to increasing the EU's 2030 climate target to 55 percent reductions in emissions.
  • Letter to EU ministers on climate and environmental action in development funding

    Ahead of Foreign Affairs Council on 16 May, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Oxfam EU, ACT Alliance EU, Conservation International and Wetlands International write to EU ministers to highlight how the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) can support developing countries to scale up climate and environmental action and support biodiversity, fostering sustainable development.
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