Useful Coal Resources

Here you find a range of useful external coal resources. For all coal related CAN Europe publications, go here.

Coalmap: The interactive Coal Map of Europe gives an overview of the role of coal in our electricity system. It maps different aspects of the coal business, ranging from where the coal plants are located to the health and climate impacts, government involvement and growing resistance from citizens.

ENDCOAL.ORG - resource for local communities, activists, students and researchers

Global Coal Plant Tracker 

Boom and Bust: Tracking the global coal plant pipeline (2016)

Boom and Bust: Tracking the global coal plant pipeline (2015)

Coal Atlas: Facts and Figures on a fossil fuel (2015)

The unpaid health bill: How coal power plants make us sick (2013)

Costs of air pollution from European industrial facilities 2008-2012: An updated assessment (2014)


Data and statistics:

EPRTR – European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

EUTL – European Union Transaction Log (CO2 emissions data for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

Eurostat Energy statistics

EEA – European Environment Agency Datasets


Latest Publications

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