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Council and Court of auditors now on the same page: at least 20% of EU budget must feed climate action

23.03.2017 | Blogs

It turns out that the call of the European Court of Auditors to increase spending on climate action is finally being heard, as a result of our efforts to demonstrate that the EU budget must serve higher climate ambitions.

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Climate action can bring the EU closer to its citizens

22.03.2017 | Press Releases

On Saturday, EU Heads of State and Government will gather in Rome to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the EU and discuss its future. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe urges EU leaders to put climate action at the heart of a new vision that will help revitalise the European project...

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ETS Reform: what has happened so far

19.03.2017 | Blogs

EU decision makers are currently discussing how to reform its Emissions Trading Scheme for the period 2021-2030. Here is what has happened so far:

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Latest developments on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies in Europe

17.03.2017 | Blogs

A monthly update on policy development, campaigning and communications by CAN Europe - Newsletter No.6 - March 2017

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CAN Europe's priorities: An EU budget for a sustainable and clean Energy Union

01.02.2017 | Presentations & Infographics

Here is what CAN Europe argue that the new EU budget 2021-2027 must do and not do to deliver a sustainable and clean Energy Union.

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Report: Lifting Europe's Dark Cloud - How cutting coal saves lifes

11.10.2016 | Reports & Briefs

  Effective emissions limits could save thousands of lives every year, yet more than half of coal power stations in Europe are operating with ‘permission to pollute’ above limits set in EU law. These are the findings of a new report ‘Lifting Europe’s Dark Cloud: How cutting coal saves lives’ published by...

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Infographic: EU citizens pick up climate polluters' bill

08.10.2016 | Presentations & Infographics

The infographic shows the huge discrepancy between what companies have to pay for their climate pollution and how much it costs citizens.

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CANEurope @EUCouncil and @EUauditors now on the same page: at least 20% of EU budget must feed #ClimateAction
CANEurope #FutureOfEurope #EU60 Let's implement an ambitious Financial Transactions Tax to adress EU's multiple crises
CANEurope RT @GreenpeaceEU: Activists demonstrate ahead of the #EU60 celebrations in Rome for the #EuropeWeWant.

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