EU Africa Strategy

In 2007, the EU and Africa agreed the Joint Africa-EU Strategy which sets out the long-term policy objectives between the two continents, based on a shared vision and common principles. Its four main objectives are:

1) improving the Africa-EU political partnership

2) promoting:

  • peace, security, democratic governance and human rights
  • basic freedoms, gender equality
  • sustainable economic development, including industrialisation
  • regional and continental integration
  • ensuring that all the Millennium Development Goals are met in all African countries by 2015

3) effective multilateralism

4) a people-centred partnership.

With eight areas for strategic partnership within the Strategy's First Action Plan for 2008-10:

  1. Peace and security
  2. Democratic governance and human rights
  3. Trade, regional integration and infrastructure
  4. Millennium Development Goals
  5. Energy
  6. Climate change
  7. Migration, mobility and employment
  8. Science, information society and space

Internet consultation (in preparation for the 2007 Africa-EU summit)

Lisbon Declaration (issued at the summit at which the partnership was launched)

CAN Activities

CSO Forum
An Interim Steering Group for the Joint Africa-EU Strategy has been established that brings together members from a broad array of non-state sectors and networks. CAN-Europe is the contact person for the Energy (no.5) and Climate Change (no.6) partnerships. The Steering Group submitted a detailed proposal on both a methodology for the mapping of existing CSO networks in Europe and Africa, and on their participation in the EU Implementation Teams and the future Joint Experts Groups. The issue of funding their active participation has also been raised and continues to be an open question.

Regular meetings between the Steering Group and the Africa Working Group are foreseen for the near future, as well as with the AU CSO Steering Committee, to discuss how CSOs can best contribute to the implementation and the monitoring of the Action Plan. Major European and African research institutes and think-tanks also created a Europe-Africa Policy Research Network (EARN), with the aim, inter alia, to strengthen cooperation and to provide independent policy analysis and advice on issues relevant to the Joint Strategy and Action Plan.

CSO Forum 21- 22 September 2010
Since the establishment of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES), civil society in Europe and in Africa has progressively organised itself with the aim of allowing citizens’ participation in the dialogue between the two continents. In September a workshop was held which intended to bring together experts and civil society representatives from Africa and the European Union to review and discuss three years of joint Africa - EU partnership in light of recent institutional developments both at the EU and African level. It also provided an opportunity for a frank exchange about challenges and opportunities for civil society participation in the Africa-EU partnership.

The Forum was moderated by ECDPM, and the proceedings and conclusions will be available shortly.

Partnership on Climate and Partnership on Energy
The current partnership on Energy does not reflect the true state of need in Africa and in rural communities in particular as the rate of access to energy is decreasing.

In terms of climate change the potential could be visualized in building trust at the negotiations, which has not taken place yet.

Further reading:

Current Status:

The EC and AU are currently in negotiations on the 2nd Action Plan to run from 2012-2014. The 3rd Africa-EU Summit, will run between 29 – 30 November 2010 in Libya. CSOs are not invited to attend, however a Youth Summit is proposed to run prior to the main Summit on 25 -28 November in Libya.

Instead CSOs will hold an Intercontinental Civil Society Forum in EGYPT, 8-10 November2010

The Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA)

“Building an alliance with developing countries to tackle poverty and climate change.”
An initiative of then European Commissioner for Development Louis Michel in September 2007 - the Global Climate Change Alliance seeks to enhance cooperation and support between the European Union (EU) and poor developing countries, most vulnerable to climate change, to adapt to the effects of climate change without prejudice to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

In practice it is meant to provide a platform for dialogue and exchange of experiences between the EU and developing countries the results of which is meant to feed into the discussions of a post-2012 climate agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
The Alliance has 5 focus areas: Adaptation to climate; reducing emissions from deforestation: enhancing participation in the global carbon market through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction;
Integrating climate change into poverty reduction efforts. EU financing is available from the European Commission which is around € 110 million available over the period 2008-2010 to start up the GCCA. A significant share of Commission existing geographic funding also serves the objective of the initiative and under the intra-ACP funds of the EDF, €40 million are earmarked for the GCCA as well as €180 million for Disaster Risk Reduction. EU Member States have been asked to contribute resources to the GCCA. So far Sweden and the Czech Republic have provided support.

The Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) Hearing in the Development Committee European Parliament (2 April 2008)

Current Status:
The tangible benefit of the GCCA to promoting stronger dialogue between the EU and developing countries is difficult to measure. The present state of the UNFCCC negotiations is the best judge…

Additional Documents:

pdf CIDSE MDG analysis

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