Europe China Exchange Program


The EU China Exchange is a program of the Stiftung Asienhaus organized in cooperation with CAN Europe, the Chinese Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), CAN China supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Stiftung Mercator. 

The EU-China exchange programme is an important part of the international work of CAN Europe. By bringing European and Chinese NGOs together we encourage NGO partnerships and improve understanding of how people look at climate change and low-carbon development in different parts of the world. This is done through two 4-8 weeks exchanges during which the organisations work on a joint project. 

During the exchange program we organise two workshops (one in China and one in Europe) where all the participants come together to network and discuss their projects and experiences. The workshops are also used to provide input from local experts on issues such as the European and Chinese political systems and how different governmental institutions work on climate change.

These workshops are organised together with the exchange program on environmental and social justice from our partner organisation Stiftung Asienhaus. This gives the participants the opportunity to meet and discuss with people from other fields of NGO work and also learn from their experiences. 

To learn more about the EU-China exchange program you can visit the program's dedicated website read its FAQs, or contact Mathias /at/

Each exchange results in a report written jointly by the European and the Chinese exchange participants, see 2015 EU-China Twinning Reports.



Mathias Claeys Bouuaert
Network Outreach Officer
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