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Today, CAN Europe has over 130 member organisations in more than 30 European countries - representing over 44 million citizens. The wider and better informed group we are, the stronger our voice! 

Who can join?

CAN Europe Membership is open to non-governmental/community based non-profit organisations, situated in Europe, which have an interest in the promotion of sustainable development and are active in, or have a focus on, climate change issues. CAN members have administrative independence and pursue their own mandates, organisational aims and objectives.

An application for membership assumes that the applicant agrees to adhere to CAN-Europe Statutes (pdf English Translation of Statutes - pdf (30 KB) - updated 2005) and also the pdf CAN Charter (pdf) (73 KB) (published by CAN International) for network rules and guiding principles for network governance.

How to apply

For more info download the pdf Application Package (676 KB) and the  document Application Form (42 KB). The deadlines for applications for the two application periods in 2017 are 15th February and 15th September.



Mathias Claeys Bouuaert
Network Outreach Officer
mathias /at/
+32 2894 4676   

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