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Shifting Financial Flows




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Finance and Subsidies
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Markus Trilling
Finance and Subsidies
Policy Coordinator
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Rachel Simon
Network Outreach Officer

  • Council urgently needs to agree on a climate-friendly EU budget

    Today EU heads of state and government meeting at a European Council had a discussion on the timing, but less on the content of the next long-term EU budget. In the context of COP24 in Katowice, all Member States must rapidly step up and agree on a budget that is fully in line with the Paris Agreement, with increased spending on climate action, efficient mechanisms to climate-proof expenditures across all funding programmes, and excluding support for fossil fuels.
  • What a difference a week might make for Europe’s climate ambition

    Progress in the Long Term Strategy for 2050 and at the climate conference in Katowice will be for nothing if European ministers allow disputes over the size of the next EU budget to roadblock important moves towards funding a zero-emissions energy transformation, write Raphael Hanoteaux and Markus Trilling.
  • Incompatible with Paris Agreement: Vote on Connecting Europe Facility leaves door open to gas subsidies

    The transport and industry committees of the European Parliament voted today on the future Connecting Europe Facility after 2020. While this EU fund should enable infrastructure that connects Europe’s citizens with clean energy and sustainable transport, MEPs turned a blind eye on the need to exclude fossil fuel subsidies from the fund.
  • Awards rally cry for climate-friendly EU budget

    Shifting financial flows is crucial to global efforts to combat climate change. The European Commission claims that its proposals for the post-2020 EU budget are in line with the Paris Agreement. However, support for fossil fuels remains in the pipeline of future budget negotiations, as revealed today in the ‘EU Toxic Funding Awards’.
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