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The EU’s long-term budget, the so called Multiannual Financial Framework, sets the structure and defines the spending priorities for the annual EU budgets over a seven-year period. It greatly contributes to translating the EU policy objectives into action and at the same time it defines future objectives, priorities and conditions of EU funding respectively the policies EU funds are supposed to finance.

The current 2014-2020 EU budget has some important climate relevant features such as “climate mainstreaming”, the strategic link to the EU 2020 climate and energy framework or the political target to spend 20% of the EU budget on climate action. However, fossil fuels still receive support from the EU budget, and competing priorities and incoherent implementation of climate action are sweeping off the climate credits of the EU budget. Overall its full potential to catalyse the clean energy transformation in Europe remains largely untapped.

While the review/revision of the current MFF 2014-2020 is underway, the accordant legal adjustments are of rather technical nature. More important for the required shift of the EU budget are the discussions on the next financial period 2021-2027. These discussions are about to start. The post-2020 MFF will be critically important to deliver the long-term climate goals of the EU, including the 2030 climate and energy targets and the (80%-)95% GHG reduction by 2050.

Information and intelligence on the EU Budget: 

Read our pdf CAN Europe position on the EU Budget post 2020 September 2017 (1.66 MB) and view our pdf An EU budget for a sustainable and clean Energy Union (1.58 MB) infographic. You can also read our briefing on the pdf EU budget - Incentives for higher climate ambition (1.11 MB).

Watch our 40 minutes everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-but-never-dared-to-ask webinar on the EU budget: 

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