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  • Agenda 2030: The Sustainable Development Goals

    25.03.2016 | Blogs

    Agenda 2030, agreed in 2015 at the UN General Assembly, has anchored a set of 17 goals and associated 169 targets that will act as the successors to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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  • Climate Finance and Development

    25.03.2016 | Blogs


    Climate Finance

    A key piece to the climate and sustainable development puzzle is the role of international financial support and means of implementation, which are needed to address climate crises. As the number of challenges posed by climate change grow, so must the level of support which is going to the people who are impacted.

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  • Climate Finance & Sustainable Development

    17.03.2016 | Uncategorized

    Climate Change and sustainable development are intrinsically linked, especially in developing countries where communities are striving to protect the livelihoods and well-being of their people. Without tackling the causes and impacts of climate change, key aspects of sustainable development are severely undermined; for example, food and water security, sanitation, and resilience of human settlements. In addition, many people still lack equitable access to scarce natural resources, and safe

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  • CAN Europe position on Innovative Finance

    07.03.2016 | CAN Europe Positions

    The gap between the need for adaptation and loss and damage finance, and the current finance provided or committed is large and growing. This briefing paper identifies a number of potential new sources of climate finance. Some of these “new” sources of finance have been under discussion for a number of years, including by the High Level Advisory Group on Finance, the Leading Group on Innovative Finance and others.

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  • Agreement on the Financial Transaction Tax can help smooth the path towards a new climate deal in Paris

    07.12.2015 | Press Releases

    Rules for implementation of the Financial Transaction Tax, which are expected to be agreed upon by 11 EU Member States on the 7th or 8th of December, can open up a new and additional source of public climate finance. This would give a strong signal to developing countries that actions are taken to continue to increase public climate finance in a predictable way and thus smooth the path towards a new climate deal in Paris.

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  • Climate finance at COP21: where world views collide

    07.12.2015 | Blogs

    After six days of negotiations at the UN climate summit in Paris, the baton has been handed over to environment ministers who will begin high-level discussions this week. As anticipated, a number of troublesome issues continue to cause concern among Parties and NGOs as they work within the walls of Le Bourget conference centre. Among those issues is climate finance, an infamously controversial topic where the division between developed countries and developing countries is put under

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  • UN Climate Negotiations Climate Finance

    10.11.2015 | Blogs

    Climate change is already affecting the world’s poorest people. From cyclones to droughts, to flooding, its impacts could set the clock back and erase the progress that has been made in the global fight against poverty and inequality.

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  • CAN Europe Letter to Finance Ministers ahead of the ECOFIN Council on 10th November 2015

    05.11.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

    In advance of the ECOFIN Council, Climate Action Network Europe called on the Finance Ministers to guarantee a robust
    climate finance package as part of a fair and transformational agreement to be adopted at COP21 in Paris.

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  • EU finance ministers need to fill the void on climate finance for the Paris agreement

    05.11.2015 | Press Releases

    All eyes will be on the EU Finance Ministers meeting in Brussels on November 10th to adopt the EU position on climate finance for the Paris climate summit. According to Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, their commitment to deliver the EU’s fair share of $100 billion of climate finance annually by 2020 and to consistently scale it up after 2020 can be the make or break issue for the Paris climate agreement.

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  • Finance ministers’ commitment to support climate action boosts momentum for the Paris agreement

    12.10.2015 | Press Releases

    but not all that glitters is gold. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomes the fact that global finance ministers attending the joint World Bank and International Monetary Fund summit in Lima expressed their commitment to scale up climate finance. This is an essential element for a successful global agreement on climate change in Paris.

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  • CSO letter to Vice President Timmermans on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    17.09.2015 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Ahead of the UN Summit in New York 25-27 of September 2015, European Civil Society Organisations working on both international and domestic EU policies across a variety of sectors ranging from Youth, Sustainability, Social Justice, Fair Trade, International cooperation, Health, Culture, Environment, Gender Equality, Migration, Climate Change, Local Democracy, Human Rights and Media Development, wrote to the Vice-President of the European Commission to call for the EU to

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  • Financing for resilient development: how to deal with the rising costs of climate change

    24.07.2015 | Op-eds

    In the aftermath of a disappointing Financing for Development summit in Addis Ababa, this opinion piece from Climate Action Network outlines what needs to be done on climate finance

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  • Has financing for development woken up to the mounting costs of climate change?

    17.07.2015 | Op-eds

    Climate action needs to be enshrined in the global fight against poverty and inequality. but the Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa failed to build strong momentum towards fossil fuel-free economies and climate resilience, argues Maeve McLynn.

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  • The Bonn download: CAN Europe reflections on climate finance in the UNFCCC June Inter-sessional

    22.06.2015 | Blogs

    As the UNFCCC negotiations wrapped up at the newly finished World Conference Centre in Bonn, there was a feeling of slow and fractional progress towards the climate summit in Paris.

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  • CAN Position Climate Finance Package for Paris June 2015

    20.06.2015 | CAN Europe Positions

    To secure a strong outcome in Paris that facilitates ambitious climate action on the ground, a key pillar will be a “finance package” that covers both the pre- and the post-2020 period. Developed countries will have to demonstrate how they are meeting past promises (in particular the $100bn target). For the period after 2020, strong provisions on finance in the Paris Agreement are needed to enable developing countries to enhance their ambition beyond what they can do on their own, laying

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  • G7: Recognizing need for full decarbonization, but falling short on action to achieve it

    04.06.2015 | Press Releases

    CAN Europe is asking for more ambition in the fight against climate change and a 100% renewables target by 2050.

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  • Briefing on Climate Change and Financing for Sustainable Development

    06.05.2015 | Reports & Briefs

    The aim of this paper is to highlight both the importance and the potential of the Finance for sustainable Development (FFsD) process in advancing global efforts to tackle climate change. At present, FFsD does not specifically address climate change among or through the issues and mechanisms that are being discussed within the process – namely international public finance, domestic resource mobilisation (tax and private capital), international private finance, trade, and debt and systemic

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  • G20 finance ministers urged to end subsidies for fossil fuels

    09.02.2015 | Press Releases

    39 non-governmental organizations urge the finance ministers attending today's G20 meeting in Istanbul to take immediate steps to eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels, and use these funds for climate action. 

    According to Climate Action Network Europe, one of the signatories of

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  • Climate finance: forgotten clause in the latest climate contract

    16.12.2014 | Blogs

    Climate finance has been bumped down the pecking order of climate ambition during UN Climate Summit in Lima.

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  • Lima climate talks postpone crucial decisions

    14.12.2014 | Press Releases

    More action required before the next climate summit in Paris

    At the end of the UN Climate Summit in Lima, Wendel Trio, Director of Climate Action Network Europe1 stated:

    "The limited progress that was achieved in Peru, in particular on the provision of financial support to poor countries to adapt to climate change, or repair the damages from extreme weather events, is a big let down after the positive signs

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