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  • COP23 delivers a plan for increasing climate ambition

    17.11.2017 | Press Releases

    EU gets homework to scale up action at home

    The COP23 UN climate summit slowly comes to an end in Bonn, Germany today, with countries expected to adopt a roadmap for the Talanoa Dialogue - a process which should ultimately result in scaling up countries’ 2030 climate pledges following the next UN Climate Summit in 2018.

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  • The Global Environment Facility: CSO recommendations towards effective and long-lasting environmental support

    05.10.2017 | Reports & Briefs

    The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is currently discussing the next phase of its funding and programming. The discussions come at a pivotal time, when the implementation of landmark agreements begins to take shape. In an ever-changing global economy, it is important that the Fund continues to address the needs of people who face the worst impacts of environmental and climate crises. 

    CSOs led by CAN Europe and Transparency International have provided input towards the future

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  • Letter to Energy Ministers on ambitious Energy Union Governance

    14.09.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    This letter was sent ahead of the High-level Conference on Energy 'Europe’s Future Electricity Market'

    Dear Minister,

    Next week you will travel to Tallinn, Estonia to discuss amongst several other issues, the proposed
    Regulation for Energy Union Governance.

    The proposed centralisation of climate and energy policy planning and reporting obligations is an
    opportunity to achieve better policy integration and track progress of implementation.

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  • A Perfect Match: Climate Action and Fair, Sustainable Development

    12.09.2017 | Op-eds

    In June of this year the former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres led a number of scientists to a call for deeper and faster action on climate change. The message she is sending is clear: if we want to avoid the most dangerous impacts of man-made climate change we need to do much more and we need to do it faster.

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  • Letter to the European Commission and selected Permanent Representations: the European External Investment Plan

    14.07.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    We would like to thank you for organising the CSO consultation on the External Investment Plan (EIP) on the 29th May, 2017. This meeting allowed civil society organisations to ask questions and share their numerous concerns after hearing from the European Commission how it sees the next steps towards implementation.

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  • Report: EU Research Policies for Peace, People and Planet

    03.07.2017 | Reports & Briefs

    CAN Europe has joined civil society groups from a wide range of fields to express their viewson the next EU research framework. This report is the first attempt to discuss how to mainstream the sustainable development goals into Research and provides the view of civil society stakeholders which

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  • CAN Europe position on EU Framework for Research and Innovation

    09.06.2017 | CAN Europe Positions

    Working with a coalition of seventeen organisations CAN Europe has set out a number of recommendations on the role of the next EU Framework for Research and Innovation.

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  • Zero poverty, zero emissions: EU must step up action for climate-just development, say civil society groups

    06.06.2017 | Press Releases

    With the opening of the European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels today, European development and environmental groups are urging the EU to take more ambitious actions in the fight against climate change.

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  • CAN Europe Position on finalisation of the EFSD Regulation

    29.05.2017 | CAN Europe Positions

    Along with a coalition of CSOs CAN Europe has set out recommendations to ensure that lessons are learnt from other investment initiatives at the multilateral and European level; both the positive examples of careful, evidence-led work and negative, long-term damaging examples of hastily established funds. 

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  • Submission to the Public Consultation on the External Financing Instruments of the European Union

    15.05.2017 | Submissions to Consultations
    CAN Europe has contributed to the Public Consultation on the External Financing Instruments of the European Union. These instruments range from support to developing countries and LDCs to Neighbourhood countries and thematic instruments on issues like peace and human rights. Submissions to the consultation are being used to gather feedback on the evaluations of each instruments and to gather preliminary ideas on the
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  • Letter to heads of state on the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT)

    23.03.2017 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Dear heads of state,

    We, the undersigned, coalitions of civil society organisations and trade unions representing millions of European citizens campaigning for the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT), write to you on the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome as you meet to discuss the future of the European Union.

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  • CAN Europe's recommendations on EU proposals for SDG implementation

    28.02.2017 | Reports & Briefs

    The European Commission’s vision for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) should set an ambitious benchmark for the EU’s actions to eradicate poverty and inequality, support people and planet centred development, and strengthen the resilience of societies from global and local challenges, including climate change.

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  • Civil society criticises “Business As Usual” as Commission publishes its plans for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

    23.11.2016 | Press Releases


    SDG Watch Europe, a civil society alliance of more than 90 EU NGOs established to ensure the full implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the EU and its Member States, has criticised today’s publication of the EC Commission’s Communication entitled “Next steps for a sustainable European future - European action for sustainability.”

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  • Climate finance at COP22: not just a numbers game

    23.11.2016 | Blogs

    As COP22 in Marrakech has come to a close, one can clearly note the same ugly issues raising their heads when it comes to financial support for climate action.

    Previous blogs in this section have documented throughout the years the diversions of opinion, disagreements of approach and the inherent lack of trust between developing and developed countries when it comes to climate finance. And this blog won’t tell a very different story.

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  • Meeting essential sustainable development needs in the face of a changing climate

    26.10.2016 | Blogs

    Today, a consortium of NGOs led by CONCORD Europe jointly published its ‘AidWatch’ report which tracks aid from EU Member States to developing country partners, as part of their international commitment to address global poverty and inequality through financial support. The report seeks to enhance the transparency and effectiveness of financial flows towards enhanced and sustainable development. This year, the report

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  • CAN Europe´s reaction to the publication of the Climate Finance ´Roadmap to US$100 Billion´

    17.10.2016 | Press Releases
    Developed countries today published a roadmap which shows how the collective goal of providing $100 billion per year by 2020 to support developing countries tackle climate change will be met. 
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  • Finance ministers continue to be a weak link in tackling climate change

    11.10.2016 | Press Releases

    Finance ministers met today in Luxembourg to discuss climate finance, just one month ahead of the next international climate summit COP22 in Marrakech. Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe welcomes the re-iteration by finance ministers to continue to provide public finance to tackle both the causes and impacts of climate change. But despite the rehashed pledge, EU Member States must provide much more clarity on how support for international climate action will be scaled

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  • Letter to Finance Ministers on ambitious climate finance

    06.10.2016 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Ahead of the ECOFIN Council on October 11th 2016, Climate Action Network Europe sent the following letter to climate ministers calling for ambitious climate finance.

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  • Letter to Board of Green Climate Fund: Call for categorical exclusion of export credit agencies

    05.10.2016 | Letters to Policy Makers

    Climate Action Network Europe co-signed a letter to the board members of the Green Climate Fund calling for categorical exclusion of export credit agencies (ECA).

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  • Submission to EU Consultation on External Development

    18.08.2016 | Submissions to Consultations

    Submissions to EU consultation on External Development will be used to inform the way forward on the revision of the European Consensus on Development and other external aspects of 2030 Agenda implementation. The consultation seek views on how development policy, in the context of EU external action as foreseen by the Lisbon Treaty, should respond to the range of landmark 2015 summits and conferences, and also to the rapid changes happening in the world.

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